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Thread: Things that annoy you about Christmas

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    Default Things that annoy you about Christmas

    Hiya Folkses! And Merry Christmas / Happy Hanukkah / Happy Holidays / Happy Whatever Else You Happen To Celebrate This Time Of Year to you all!

    Now don't get me wrong, I love the Christmas spirit. But it is always the most stressful time of year for me, and I'm guessing maybe for you too?
    So, this thread is for anyone who wants to rant about bah humbug... because I know you spent most of the year looking forward to it, but now you're glad it's almost over.
    Since I started this here thread, I'll go first.

    #1. Fighting the hordes at... practically any store. And the hordes are every bit as agitated as I am, uh-oh. Only to find out that thing I came here for is sold out. Amazon dot com, you may just become my new Christmas tradition.
    #2. While I love watching my kids open their gifts, I do not love all the cable ties, zip ties, wire ties, tape, brackets & hermetically sealed packaging I spent what felt like hours cutting loose to get their toys free. Damn these toys are locked down tighter than Fort Knox! What gives???
    #3. Now I have about 3 tons of packaging piled about my living room, and it's all gotta go. Jeez, be right back, I need a cup of coffee...

    Well , I could continue, but I want others to share in the fun too. Anyone else feeling a little frazzled tonight?

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    When people play Christmas music November 1st >_>

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    That hardcore atheists get mad at me for saying "Merry Christmas," while hardcore Christians get mad at the for saying "Happy Holidays."

    And getting jeans.

    $54 ones.

    Really, you could have spent the money more efficiently...

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    Killer Christmas trees. You're walking along and then you hear the soft rustle of evergreen, vaguely behind you. You take a few more steps and (rustle, rustle, rustle). You take three more steps and then AUGH! A green branch pierces your back and comes gushing out your chest, blood and pieces of lung splattering onto the sidewalk. The world is rushing away from you as you fall face down. You see a light in the distance and as everything is fading, there is a lingering song in your waning conscious.....Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree....teeheeheehee......

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    The most annoying thing for me has got to be the over-commercialization of Christmas. The stories of people getting trampled and pepper-spraying each other in pursuit of a deal on tennis shoes... What would Jesus think? It embarrasses me to wonder, and I'm not even religious.

    Quote Originally Posted by dogboy View Post
    there is a lingering song in your waning conscious.....Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree....teeheeheehee......
    Heheh... No doubt transposed into a minor key and played on a glockenspiel, very distant, with maximum reverb.

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    All the Christmas songs! While the songs themselves are good, it's the having to listen to them over, and over, and over again that drives me nuts.

    Quote Originally Posted by PrincessAshley View Post
    That hardcore atheists get mad at me for saying "Merry Christmas," while hardcore Christians get mad at the for saying "Happy Holidays."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zoftomo View Post
    When people play Christmas music November 1st >_>

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    I can't stand the people that try to 'pick apart' Christmas.

    Christmas is all about Jesus
    Christmas is over commercialized
    Christmas is only in December because of the Pagan Holidays.
    etc etc etc.

    Who cares if all of these statements are true. Why try to take Christmas joy away from those who want to celebrate it. If you want to be super religious and only think about Christ in Christmas, great for you. Merrry Christmas. If you want to watch every Christmas special on TV and enjoy all the shopping, Awesome! Merry Christmas! If you want to celebrate something else entirely... Haunakah, Kwanza, Festivus, Then Happy whatever to you.

    If you wanna sit and whine about the holidays, then Bah Humbug to you. To everyone else... have fun!

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    I dislike people who complain about gifts they got. I received gifts meant for some other family's children's wishlist, and all I can do is laugh at the confusion that may have been created.

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    I hate hating Christmas until it actually comes and I get presents then I don't hate it any more.
    stupid Christmas toying with my emotions. >

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