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    Default Diapers in Print Media

    I want to discuss mentions of diapers in print media.
    What books have you read that mention diaper usage?

    1. The World According to GARP
    2. Two books by Orson Scott Card mention diapers (in a single sentence)/
    No actual character was using though.
    a) Ender's Game
    b) Speaker for the Dead

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    Butterfly Mage


    In "The Stand" (Stephen King), one of the characters was pregnant and complained about stress incontinence. She didn't wear diapers, however.

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    I had a weird moment in French class when I had to do a reading comprehension test on a part of a novel that I had already read on an ABDL site. You can imagine my confusion when I started reading that in class...

    The chapter was from "La Classe de neige" from Emmanuel Carrère. I'm not sure if an English version of the novel exists, but a movie was made from it and its known in English as Class Trip. Bedwetting is a fairly important plot device early in the story.

    I guess Oskar's "piss ball" in "Let the Right One" In could count. Fair warning: its gruesome book.

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    Oh Near, I was thinking, "Let the Right One In", a truly incredible novel.

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    "We need to talk about Kevin"
    The author mentioned the boy's use of diapers a few times.
    He ascribed it to a war of wills between Kevin and his mother.
    This book is the source for the movie mentioned in the other thread.

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    Interesting thread.
    In Ender's shadow (which I'm currently reading in hebrew) Orson describes Bean's early childhood, so diapers, but in a kinda twisted situation of bean as a young baby hiding insidde a toilet.

    Strangely I don't remember diapers being used in Enders game, but in both Ender's shadow and Speaker of the dead there are bedwetters and pants wetters (Grego in 'Speaker..') to my recollection.

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    "Surrender" by Sonya Hartnett, the main character in the book and his family are hated by the entire town because he had accidentally killed his older brother, who was brain-damaged and therefore acted like an infant with no bladder-control, by locking him in the fridge.

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