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Thread: need help finding good bulky diaper

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    Default need help finding good bulky diaper

    I normally use a thinner style diaper, they are fine but I would like to find a thicker and bulkier diaper between the legs, what diaper can someone reccommend that would work for me.

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    Abena X-Plus with a Abena stuffer is extremely thick, I also have heard things about Bambino's being thick, ABU, and also Molicare; however I have never used any of these so I can't say myself.

    I would say that the Abena S4 + Stuffer I use is as thick as 3-4 Depends Max Protections in all honesty, can barely wear any of my pants if I have that on :P

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    I second the 24/7 I just had one on last night...
    if your looking for thick that's your diaper.

    They are incredible

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    I will third the dry 24/7, really awesome diaper. Add a stuffer to it and you will be waddleing pretty much. You can get them at

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    I have also heard that Dry 24/7 are really thick. Haven't tried them personally. The Tenas arent bad (super briefs) I didn't like the Molicare because (for me) the tapes didn't stick enough. The thickness was ok though....about like a Tena I think but I only tried one Molicare

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    I'm going to go ahead and fifth the notion of Dry 24/7s being the thickest. I am also a fan of
    Milicares and have heard that bambinos are pretty thick.

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    i really love the Unique Wellness, they are really thick and they hold A LOT!!! i get mine from

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    chalk another suggestion to buy dry 24/7s. They ARE the thickest on the market. If you want unbelievable bulk, try double diapering with dry 24/7s. they WILL make you waddle a little bit. I can usually walk fairly normal, but when I had 2 dry 24/7s on, I noticed that as I walked about I had a slight waddle that was nearly unavoidable.

    However, doubling up on dry 24/7s can be very expensive and a waste. There is no way you could fill both diaper to their capacity. And if you did,,,you would waddle for sure! For the thickest diaper (aside from layer cloth) I would recommend a dry 24/7 with an Abri-let Maxi booster pad inside. That would make for a thick diaper.

    just my

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