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    I am really an introvert, but wish I wasn't. I work in education, currently as a paraeducator, although I have a have a teaching certificate ( jobs are hard to come by right now).

    I remember being interested in diapers as a kid. I was always jealous of younger kids that still wore them. When I found out they made diapers for older children and adults, it opened up a realm of possibilities. I am mostly a dl, although I do have some ab tendencies as well. I prefer disposables, and I am happiest when I've messed in them (although wet diapers feel wonderful as well). I am also interested in caregiving (I figure that if I want a daddy to change my dirty diapers, I had better be willing to reciprocate.)

    I love to sing in choir, community musical theater, church, and karaoke. It's something that I am actually good at, and it forces me to overcome my shyness . My kids are the most important part of my life. I am involved in pretty much all their activities.
    Otherwise, my interests are kind of run-of the-mill--reading, movies and, tv, getting involved in my community.

    I want to interact with "normal " people with this fetish. I feel kind of disconnected, not only as a dl, but as a gay man as well. I feel like I am in two closets. As a divorced parent who went through an ugly custody dispute to get joint custody of my sons, as a volunteer in a youth serving organization that officially bars homosexuals friom serving as leaders (rhymes with "soy sprouts"), and as an educator that works closely with children with special needs, I am concerned about being misunderstood, and having my life torn apart, if either closet door should be opened. I have absolutely no sexual interest in children. I pity those who do have such compulsions and detest those who act on them (sorry if I sound preachy, but the reason I work with kids is to help them grow up to become happy, healthy, well-adjusted adults. Abuse doesn't accomplish that!)

    I have a network of family and friends who I think, deep down, would accept me and my "quirks". In fact, I have found that most of them have quirks of their own. I hope that the folks on this website will help me overcome my hangups and insecurities, so I can be myself both in the on-line and off-line worlds.

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    Hi and welcome to the site!!! I think you'll find this is a great place to open up, there are so many nice people here and always something to talk about!

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    Hey, you sound like a good guy.

    Yay for being an introvert, silence is golden. Talking a lot tends to over conceptualize our thoughts.

    I recently joined myself, and have found this to be a great outlet to talk about these things as I have never had anyone to talk about them with. Welcome.

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    Hi Pamperscamper, you really sound a lot like me. I, too, would like to meet "normal" people with this interest, and I too am in a position of being vulnerable. If people found out about my interest it could ruin friends and career. I would love to hear more from you, about your support network of friends and family (I don't feel I have such a network). Hope to hear more from you.

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    You are in fine company i can assure you.
    The path of meeting others like you is here and we are a caring bunch.
    I am a Karaoke dj who loves singing so we have something in common.
    Enjoy your stay.

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