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Thread: New Years Resolutions!

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    Smile New Years Resolutions!

    Well its that time of the year again, with new year only a week away.

    So what is your new years resolution/'s for 2012?

    Mine are, the common "Lose weight" and "Save more money"

    Oh, and all the best for next year!

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    Give up smoking

    Get a job


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    For me, its just simply the common Lose (more) Weight... and maybe try to spend a little less time on the computer (but I can already guarantee this one isn't going to happen)

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    do better in school
    get a frickin job...
    use said job to get the parts to build an rc plane
    somehow convince my father that he isn't well and needs help (that one's on my whole family's list...)

    be a better person. (vague, right?)

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    Watch the rest of the Twilight movies... I am so curious about them for some odd reason 0_0

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zoftomo View Post
    Watch the rest of the Twilight movies... I am so curious about them for some odd reason 0_0
    I recommend it. It's quite entertaining to see Bella spaz out and stammer uncontrollably as she performs what others may or may not call "acting."

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    Mine are to get back into college, get more fit and active, and get a better job.

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    Become happier.

    Find a new hobby.

    Get better at drawing anime.

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