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    Smile Hello again ADISC

    Hello again everyone. I'm not sure if anyone on here remembers me but this is Cyan. I got a new account on here because it's been months since I last accessed this site, and I deleted my old E-mail account for personal reasons. But I'm back and I'm here to see how much ADISC has changed since I've been gone. I'm hoping to make a few friends on here again. Anywho if I'm on I'll most likely be on the chat as usual so if anyone wants to talk that's the best place to find me. Well that about sums it all up, I'll go ahead and end this post here.

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    Hello it's nice to have you back but you might want to look at this. I suggest talking with a mod so you don't get into trouble.

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    I remember you. Welcome back. As you can see, there are a lot of new members, and some older members are gone. All things change.

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    I remember you too dogboy, so far though I can see there are alot of new faces. I'm doing my best to get in contact with moo. I sent him a reply on one of the email's I got after "leveling up" more or less, though I'm not sure if it will get to him. I'm going to go to the contact page and see if he can do anything else about it. (I tried going there from chat earlier but for some reason it doesn't seem to like chat too much. lol)

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    btw just out of curiosity how do I go about making a blog?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vayne View Post
    btw just out of curiosity how do I go about making a blog?
    Blogs are only for established contributor and up to limit spamming. Since your new account has been merged with your old one you should reach EC within an hour of this being posted.

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