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Thread: Most embarrasing moment with diapers

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    Default Most embarrasing moment with diapers

    My most embarrasing moment with diapers was when i stole one of my neighbors diapers when their family was having a party. My mom found out and made me bring them back and apologize in front of ten f****** people. It was forgotten over ten years but then i ws soooo embarrased.

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    I had a used diaper in my closet and I was with my friend in my closet... I have a big closet... He turned over something and there was a wet diaper... It was folded and didn't necessarily look like a diaper... he didn't say anything, but he probably forgot anyways... It had the potential to be a just awful situation.

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    I found myself in a supply closet at a hospital while doing some work there as a contractor. I was touching and kinda drooling over some attends that they had in bins when an attractive nurse entered. She totally caught me touching them and said; " awww, does somebody need a diaper?". Her tone was completely joking but that didn't stop me from turning beet red while stammering out some lame response. Nothing ever came of it but for a week I was absolutely mortified!

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    Mine would definately have to be when my sister found my diapers and I told her they were a friends. She definately believed me hehe you can read about it in my blog

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    close to my top ten.. was today in fact. Was at a local resort where my company does ALOT of business with, walking my prewire tech on some conduit work that needed to be done, I was wearing a homemade union suit in polar fleece (it was cold outside) which was incedentally the exact same green color thet depends used to be, my shirt and jacket rode up, exposing the long johns, when the hotel staff electrician came by and said "Either get suspenders or change that diaper!" loud enough to be heard by all.. truth be told, most people I've done business with know I wear diapers. but, about my only answer was to tuck my shirt and jacket back in.

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    Although I was 'caught' a few times when I was younger, I don't count those as much, since I was just being a kid, if that makes any sense. All I knew was I liked diapers; I didn't know it was 'taboo' at that age.

    If I was to pick one from the period following that point at which I understood the concept of 'shame', it would have been the time my mother found my stash of AB stories and empty diaper packages. Oddly enough, this didn't even involve the wearing of padding. Still, it was beyond mortifying and I never felt comfortable at home from then on out.

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    Mine would probably be when I was younger. I was at a party and I was in my cousin's room. At the time, he was still a toddler and was wearing diapers, and I remember I was in his room with some of my other cousins watching TV and I looked over to the changing table and saw piles of pampers. I was staring at them for a while and my aunt came in the room and saw me. She then said out loud, "Awww! Do you want one too?" and I started blushing, so I walked out of the room to go outside.

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    The closest call i've ever had was one time when I was driving home from a very late night movie (it was like 3am) and I arrived home. Obviously everyone else was already in bed at that time.

    I walked in the back door and was about to walk upstairs when the hallway light upstairs turns on. I hear my mother upstairs calling the dogs (I guess one of them needed to go potty). Not normally a huge deal, i've done the "walk past the family in a diaper" before no big deal. In fact, i'm sitting here with family right now while I wear an X-Plus. Except, i'd somehow decided it was ok to mess myself on the way home. So i'd probably been sitting in that for 30m or so already and I stunk like hell and really needed a change.

    I really really panicked. I quickly ducked into the 1st floor bathroom and locked the door. Hoping no one noticed me. What I didn't realize immediately was the reason for the 3am doggy bathroom break. One of the dogs had decided to make a mess on the carpet upstairs. Obviously that needed to be cleaned, etc etc. To make a long story shorter, I was basically stuck in the bathroom for about 30 minutes while everyone was running around grabbing things to clean and let dogs in/out.

    Not my finest hour.

    There was also the time that I was pulled over by a cop while wearing. The cop pulled me over and I didn't know how far he'd been following me for. The thing you have to realize about me, i'm not exactly a big fan of rules -- speed limits included. I had easily broken 110mph just a few minutes before so I wasn't sure if this cop had seen that. Doing 110mph is easily an arrestable offense here.

    I proceeded to freak out about all the shit that would go down if I got arrested. I assume the cop would search me and be like "wtf are you wearing".

    I scraped by that one, he'd only seen me slide through a yellow/red light and not seen any speeding. I got off with a warning and never even had to step out of my vehicle. Oh how different life would be.

    Now, I don't speed when i'm wearing diapers anymore -- at least not that much.

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    i was in a rest stop and an older man opened the door to my stall that wasn't full locked i guess and the door opened and i was in the middle of changing. he was kind and said sorry and closed the door, but i was sooooo embarrassed and paranoid to finish changing. and one other time i was in wal-mart changing and these two kids were in a stall next to me and the little one was whispering (loudly) "i think he is changing a diaper" again, i completely freaked with fear i have a hard time in public when I get noticed, but i guess i need to learn to except it more.

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