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Thread: Christmas diaper sleep

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    Default Christmas diaper sleep

    Hey I was wondering who is going to diaper up christmas eva to wake up christmas morning little/babyish to enjoy the morming after santa has been.

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    I can't I wouldn't have time to change out of it before I have to go to my grandparents' house. I plan to do it for new year though.

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    I had thought about it... it's mine and my girlfriend's first christmas together though. So... I'm caught between wanting to play toddler and do that or... keep it adult. *sigh* I still haven't decided lol it may come down to a coin toss... orrr asking her lol

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    I will be for both Christmas eve and new years eve and mum gets me up before midnight so I can do the countdown and celebrate the new year that's what I like apart from Christmas and brithdays.

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    I'm not a big fan, of X-Mas that is but I will wake up in a wet M-4 wishing the resturants were open for breakfast.

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    I'll be padded but I haven't slept more than an hour or two on christmas eve since I was like three.

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    I'll be over at my friend's this Christmas. I try to keep my diapers and social life seperate. Although I have worn in public and ran into friends. God, that was awkward. Christmas eve will be my diaper day. I'm going to be doing my exchanging with my family that day. It will be interesting opening presents padded up for the first time since I was maybe 4. Too bad I won't get those footie pj's I asked Santa for. I was too naughty this year. D:

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