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    Default Hello everyone


    I am sociable, scattered, and really enjoy movies with random dance sequences in them.

    I'm told that I'm caring, fun to be around, and at times have been called an evil genius or mad scientist.

    I'm a BDSM toy maker by trade, specifically a leather worker.

    I'm here because despite knowing for quite awhile that I'm a little and a Big to littles, I've recently become more specifically interested in ab/dl, watersports and desperation play.

    As to my hobbies, I love karaoke, and singing in general; I like playing pool, and can occasionally win a game.

    I have recently started playing some computer and video games; I'm enjoying Dungeons Of Dredmor for PC, and Mario for the Wii.

    I like decorating for holidays, and making presents look pretty.

    I am still very much a beginner in this aspect of my kink, and I wish to gain more of a knowledge base so that I can play safely and intelligently; if I also gain new friends, then all to the better

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    Welcome to ADISC! I hope you make some good friend here and find plenty of topics that spark your fingers.

    Stay dry and happy!

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    This is rising the dead (posts) a bit xD, but just had to say that Dungeons Of Dredmor is a pretty awesome game (played it over the Steam holiday sale). I'm pretty bad it at though, but that is the same for a lot of those types of games xD. Do you like, for lack of a better word, "modern" RPGs or mostly old school style ones?

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    Thank you for the welcome

    I enjoy mostly older games, (and as basic graphics as I can get); a lot of modern games (Portal, Halo, Final Fantasy) actually make me motion sick from the perspective of them.

    I also really like Dragon Court (I like point & click games, not WASD games)

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    A leather worker you say? How interesting!

    I've always been interested in making my own toys, but unfortunately making them to a proffessional looking level is beyond me...

    Welcome to ADISC! I'm sure you'll fit right in

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    Well Hello Dolly!!! Sorry It was cute I couldn't help myself.

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