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    I currently trim my pubic hair to make cleaning easier after wetting. I think it helps to stop smells developing. I was wondering if it would be easier to shave down below, it would be easier to clean, but I worry about itching and discomfort. Does anyone have any experience or advice?

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    I tend to shave mainly in the summer and i can tell you, make sure to use a new razor one that's been used less then 3 times, the new Gillette Razor might last longer but i've not had a chance to use them, A new razor will help prevent razor burns, bumps and itching. Use a very good shaving cream, i use one (don't know the name off hand) made for soothing and has Aloe & Vitamin E (i think). Like shaving your face i'd suggest a hot shower before hand to soften the skin and open your pores, also watch what lotion you use afterwards, i like Johnson & Johnson's Head to Toe because it's unscented and wont irritate the skin. Last but NOT LEAST!!!! take your time, don't rush and for the love of god keep the bathroom door locked, you don't want someone barging in, making you jump while putting a razor to one of the most sensitive and cut prone places you'll ever find on a man!! or Women!!!

    Hope this helps, just be carefull, nothing ruins a fun diaper more then a stinging and burning coin purse!!

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    In my experience, I've found that shaving can be a tedious task. Before I came out as a trans* person, I used to shave once a week, but now I just trim it. It all depends on the hair-growth down there, which is different for everyone. I suggest that you can try to shave above the genital area to start out and see how it feels afterwards. It's something that you shouldn't rush. The best time to do it is in the shower. After you wash your hair would be a good idea. Face away from the water, or turn off the faucet, and apply the shaving cream. Never use women's shaving cream, it sucks! And carefully use the razor, making sure you shave in the direction of hair growth. This is very important!! A washcloth can be handy to wipe away excess hair from the razor.
    Good luck to you! And if it doesn't work, continue trimming!

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    the first few weeks it will be irritated and sensitive, but just like your face you will get leathery and thus it will not be as sensitive. I shave every other day my entire diaper region, front and back. I use a separate razor for face and down there. After I dry off I use baby lotion on the entire area to keep the skin soft and prevent rashes. After several years of this it takes little to no time at all to shave the whole thing. I scrub my whole body with a luffa (this helps toughen the skin) and then I use a bar soap to create a lather for the the shave. As Mitsukuni says, shave in the appropriate direction.
    Be gentle and shave against the skin, not pushing into it. This will prevent razor burn.

    This tremendously helps with odor.

    Be ready for an uncomfortable few weeks, but the benefits thereafter are worth it.

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    I use a trimmer. I have found that shaving permitted too much itching as the hair grew back. I have a small waterproof trimmer - Braun, I think - I can use in the shower. Then I'll make sure to bathe the diaper area at least once a day. Lately I've been using a rash cream regularly, primarily because I'm testing the limits of Dry 24/7's, and seeing if it's possible to change only twice a day. With that process I'll have to take extra steps to prevent rash.

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    I shave down there everyday, but use a foil electric razor. I think that is the answer, for me at least. Razor blades cut too close and cause burn and ingrown hairs. The foil razor leaves just enough above the skin to avoid that - however, because it doesn't cut as close, one must shave more often, like everyday, to avoid the itching.

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    As you can tell, we all have different ways and it affects us all a little different. Just because shaving down there causes burning and itching for some doesn't mean it does for all. After 3yrs plus of shaving down there, I don't have any problems unless like RD80 said, use an old razor, then I might get a little irritation but not much. Also, since I have been doing this for a long while now, my hair doesn't grow back as quick down there so I don't have to shave that often anymore. As does it help with cleanup and smells, yes it does. When I shave, I shave while I am in the shower, it makes it much easier for me. So like RD80, get a good razor and cream, and be careful :-)

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    I say don't shave with a razor at all! It gets really irritated and itchy as it grows back. My solution? I use a Philips Bodygroom. Remove all the hair with no irritation at all.

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    When I started wetting the bed I was only in the habit of trimming, but I figured after that it was best to just shave it all off. Took a couple months for my skin to get used to it - lots of itchiness and unpleasantry in the meantime, but once my skin was used to getting shaved, it was well worth it. I have to shave every 3 days or so now.

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    thanks everyone for their advice. I have now shaved down below. It is a bit itchy but mosturiser is helping. It is good to know uncomfortableness will not last too long. Already it is easier to clean in the mornings.

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