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    Alright so I got a prepaid gift card and so have been doing a lot of shopping, some bambinos, and some cheapr diapers to stock up on, and even a nuk 5 yay!!! (btw how is fetware, thats where I ordered the nuk5 from) Well anyways one of the things from bambino came in (I ordered a sample o molicares and and a sample of he new design diapers), and my parents didn't give them to me until later on in the night (after the mail wasalready there for quite a few hours). Anyways I thought they might be looking up the address on the package and realize its from bambino. They already know about me liking diapers, but I like to keep this stuff to myself so I would be pretty pissed if they were doing research on my mail. Just so you know, this is not something that would surprise me that they are doing. What do you think, am I just paranoid?

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    I would say that if they know where it came from and gave it to you, that's a good sign.

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    They might have been but yeah, like AuraBlaze said, if they gave it to you after finding out what it is, that's a good thing. Still an invasion of privacy (my parents did the same thing and it got on my nerves; I pick up my stuff directly from the UPS center or the post office now), but better than them withholding your mail or yelling at you about it.

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    I am always looking at the address on stuff when it comes to my door. I like to see where they all come from.

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    you got your stuff so they must not be too worried about it and i have a nuk from fet wear and i love it

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    In the spirit of honesty, I have always looked at return address in the mail, even when I was younger and lived at home. It is just part of human nature to be curious about what was going on. I am sure that you parents probably saw the return address on your package, if for no other reason than what I already stated 'human curiosity about what is going on'. The fact that they went ahead and gave it to you is a good sign. You didn't say how long they've known about your liking of diapers. But if they've known for a while, and still gave your package to you, then I'd venture to guess that you are on safe ground. IF they do confront you, a good self defense question to your parents is something like: "Ask you self this serious question. Would I rather my child like something harmless as wearing diapers, or would I rather him be stung out and addicted to drugs?" That should give them some food for thought. But, I really don't think you have anything to worry about

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