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Thread: My first Tena diapers!

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    Default My first Tena diapers!

    Well first off I'll say this.

    To those of you afraid about going to the store to buy diapers, don't be.

    Today I decided I would buy diapers in store for the firs time in almost 10 years.

    I've only done online ordering for fear of embararassment. Other people in the store staring at you, or the cashier taking too long or "thinking" they're for you.

    After today, it wasn't too bad. I'd never want to see a friend or acquaintence while carrying diapers but other than that...

    Anyways, I'm a little intigued and a little sad.

    I bought a bag of Tena Super diapers. I did not expect solid green!
    I also did not expect a cloth like cover (this'll be my first)

    Seems like they're alright, I'll be wearing some soon, I'm excited!

    $40 for 28 diapers, puts it at $1.42 a diaper. Abena M2's cost me $1.66 per diaper (including shipping), so this is fairly similar.

    They're wider than M2's and seem about as thick.

    I'm not big on a green, cloth like diaper.. but that's the hand that was dealt.

    I was shaking a little at the till while checking out, but I just remembered, the cute girl working probably didn't think they were for me anyways... she touched the pack a lot "these (chocolate bars) and these (diapers)"

    Then when she asked if I needed a bag, once again touching the pack "I'm not sure I have a big enough bag for these"

    I said that's ok, I live close by...

    Anyways, my little story... I've got more diapers to add to my collection of Abenas, and it really wasnt as horrible and scary as I remember.

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    I buy those from NorthShoreCare sometimes. The older ones had stickey tapes but the newer ones have the velcro tabs that pull off if you don't staple them on. They ride a little high like baby dipees and hold a little more than the cheeper store brands. Though not "priemium" diapers they are good, fun and affordable.
    Congrats on the buy and enjoy!

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    She would have fit the Tena Youth diapers they had

    Anyways, I wore one last night and I've got to say it was quite reasonable. I was very scared about wetting a new diaper but found the performance very good (sitting) I did a big wet last night (even tho my GF said no wet diapers in bed, heh) and then wet a bit more this morning.

    The core stayed fairly intact except for the front top (as I find most diapers have trouble with)

    Taping the diaper was different but incredibly easy with the velcro for adjusting. I've got to figure out the right tape position but overall I'd walk into the pharmacy and buy them again!

    If anything people working in the store don't remember you, and even if they do who cares!

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    I bought Tena Ultra diapers (thinking they were plastic backed) from a pharmacy a couple weeks ago. I even special ordered them from the counter and got a voicemail from one of the girls working at the counter saying "your item came in today" in a delightful tone. When I picked them up they were very kind and it was overall the most comfortable experience buying diapers even though it was such a multiple step process.

    The people really don't care and won't judge. It's the other customers in the store that probably do judge, but it's very rare that that even matters. The only problem I'm afraid of is running into someone I know while buying them.. That would be horrible and awkward. Thats why I go a couple towns over at off times.

    The diapers ended up being pretty decent. They weren't what I intended to get, but they ended up serving as a diaper easily worn under clothes in public. They look kind of good on, but cloth backed diapers just aren't my thing.

    Congratulations though!

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    I bought two packs of Certainty Fitted Briefs yesterday(Because they're on sale, two packs of 20 for 16 something) and the worst part was the four mile walk home with bags that barely hid what they were XD

    Trust me, buying them is the smallest worry ^_^

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    Quote Originally Posted by PrettyFox View Post
    I bought two packs of Certainty Fitted Briefs yesterday(Because they're on sale, two packs of 20 for 16 something) and the worst part was the four mile walk home with bags that barely hid what they were XD

    Trust me, buying them is the smallest worry ^_^
    Last time I got Certainty, they were on sale, the giant 40 pack for 14ish dollars... they didnt have the 20 packs so i got the 40... it didnt fit in my back pack... Standing by walgreens stuffing diapers one after another into my backpack... Oh that made me so embarressed but at least I was off to the side

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