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    I understand no one on this forum is a doctor, but I have some questions. I hope a painful detail of symptomology and medical/life/environmental history can give insight into the problems I face. I was born prematurely, (3 months early, and face total blindness as a result.) As a young child, bedwetting and daily wetting of the pants were near daily/nightly occurances. I visited several doctors, took pills, and had x-rays done. The x-rays were fine, but I heard every answer in the book -- nothing is wrong, your bladder just needs to mature, your bladder is too small, you are a small man (5,1 and 100 lbs, 27 years of age, at present,) therefore you have a small bladder, blah-blah-blah. I also took pills which didn't work to solve the issue. In my teen years, the bedwetting became more sparatic, (once every 3 months or so,) then ceased completely, but my bladder has never been "right/normal." I can tell you the symptoms therein, and provide several unique experiences which can rule in/out diagnoses. Basicly, my bladder is a ticking time bomb. It says to me, when I have to go, "you have 10-15-20-30 minutes to go or you're gonna totally wet yourself!." This depends on how nice my body is treating me at the moment. Yes, it sounds crazy but totally true. I usually have control of this, but if i'm at a football game inside a large stadium forget it! I also had several instances where it wasn't just urine which escaped my bladder. When I have to superbly go, my bowels would also fully release. At this point, I have absolutely no control over the situation! One time at a football game, Dallas at Phili, I lost it all...literally from both ends, an accident for the ages! It was just an absolute horror show! So, with all this said, I have several questions. First, what is going on here? Is it just overactive bladder? Is my bladder full but my brain isn't telling me its full till its ready to spill? And what's the deal with my bowels? I would also like to note that at times, i would go to the bathroom and go a lot, but, 15-20 minutes later, i'll have to go again and release the same amount as before...two heavy wettings! Other instances exist where i'd hold it in and release a ton of urine, more than the normal fluid amount, but this is extremely rare, can someone explain that one? At times i can hold it in, but more urine is released, but most times, i'll just have an accident, or come very close to one! Is my brain telling my bladder its full when its not? Obviously this has been a lifelong struggle for me, hopefully someone can come up with possible ideas to kick around in my head. When i get out of my family living situation, I am going to see a doctor and get this resolved once and for all, but I would appreciate any ideas or advice you can offer.

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    Thanks for posting - I think a lot of people will recognize what you are going through - I certainly do. I won't try to answer the medical aspects of your post - simply because i am not qualified to do so and a little medical knowledge is a dangerous thing! For me circumstances do alter things and being in a situation where I couldn't easily get to a bathroom always made the chances of wetting or soiling much greater. Not that for a lot of my adult life I had regular accidents in my pants, just occasionally and often not too much. More recently -in the last 6 or so years things deteriorated and I pretty well wear protection 24/7. Doctors have not really diagnosed the problem and like you the wretched pattern of incontinence changes from time to time - I can be almost ready to leave off wearing a diaper one week and then be needing to change more often than normal the next.

    The other thing to think about is the balancing of the need to "not give in" and the need to be able to live as normal a life as possible without stress. I think you can do both with appropriate protection so that all the anxiety about "will I wee in my pants and how much" and the need to plan your day by available toilets can be eased without getting lazy and not bothering to try to "hold it" because you have a nappy on.

    Until you are in a position to have the full medical exploration take care of yourself as best you can.

    Best wishes & good luck.

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    Thank you for your post, it was insightful! I'll probably see a urologist in february/march. Any recommendations for daytime protection?

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    Advising on protection is very difficult. A lot depends on what you have to cope with - if it is from "both ends" as your original post suggests it might be better to err on the safe side with a full taped diaper from one of the major manufacturers. I find the cheaper versions are not usually as good and if you are in danger of wetting and messing yourself you need to be able to be confident that your protection will hold up well. It is possible to get free or very cheap sample packs of various kinds of diaper and this can be very useful as so much depends (no pun intended) on your own body shape, etc, that there isn't really a "one size fits all" solution.

    I find a good high capacity diaper (in my case Tena Maxi at the moment) can hold 2 pretty big wettings and a bowel movement without leakage for long enough to get somewhere to change.

    Hope this helps, glad the urologist appointment is on the horizon.

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    I would suggest to have the doctor do a full set of tests. Even scan of the brain. Newborns that are born early tend to have some type Brain damage. In my case I had seziures after the age of 27. Yes I was born 3 months early also. But mine was also cause by a accident at work. Where a machine fallen and knock me out.

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    This sounds extremely like the experiences I had. Can I suggest whats others have said and explore the medical route.

    As far as diapers are concerned, pads are good for light and moderate accidents and can easily be changed and disposed of.

    Take care though. There are others out there that have had similar experiences. For me plucking up the courage to see the doctor was the hardest bit.

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    I want to stress that I am not a Medical professional before I comment...

    If the urologist cant find something wrong you might want to see a Neurologist. You COULD have some nerve issues going on. As for protection, my suggestion is to find something that you are comfortable with and go with that. Abena are great for heavy wetting, then again there are several other options. You can try places like for some samples but be warned they are NOT discreet and will send you coupon books later. Another option is to get some diapers from or if you are comfortable with buying these online.
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