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    Hi i'm new to posting on this site though i'll admit that I have been here just looking at the topics I've never actually go the courage to make an account until now. Actually I tried to make one before but I got so nervous that I immediately deleted the confirm e-mail message. So I tried again and I'm actually going through with it. Well here I am I guess. I'm into diapers just because I feel like I should be in diapers because of a few accidents and the great feeling that I get when I wear or think about wearing them. That's it I guess it's great to finally be a part of this great community.

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    Forgot the likes and dislikes bit. So I like video games especially MW3 and halo and I love rock music. I don't like it when people are judgmental toward me and I also don't like it when people complain about stupid things like that whole merry Christmas or happy holidays thing. Other than that I don't have any particular likes or dislikes. By the way, like the username it is a result of my randomness.

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    Hello, blablafreckenlover1, and welcome to I'm glad to see we have another member signing up. Don't worry about being nervous about making the account and all, I was like that for a while before I decided to make an account and started getting acquainted with the community. While the forums are great, I've also found that our IRC/Live Chat is a great place to hang out, talk, and interact with other like minded people. Whenever you're comfortable, and got a bit of free time you might want to try it out. This article might help you get a better idea of what the IRC/Live Chat is like.

    I hope you enjoy your stay with all of us here on, and if you ever have any questions for us, you can always feel free to ask.

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