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Thread: Hiding diapers in a lockable chest, trunk, or tote? Need Suggestions, please.

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    Default Hiding diapers in a lockable chest, trunk, or tote? Need Suggestions, please.

    Anyone know where to get some sort of container where I can hide a case of diapers and other materials? I was thinking of maybe there being some sort of tote that is lockable so people can't access. I've moved back home after school for a while and don't want people snooping. Anyways, has anyone bought such a container, if so, what do you guys think? Thank in advance.

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    Try getting a Lockable suitcase or a wooden chest like thisClick image for larger version. 

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    Get a lock and you should be fine. I know I am.

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    Good idea... a suitcas. Didn't think of that, thankyou foxyo! Keep the ideas flowing.

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    For a long time I hid mine in a suite case that locked in my closet. You can get one for fairly cheap at Walmart that comes with a lock, or you can go to the hard ware section of Walmart and find a lock for a suit case it you already have a bag or other lockable item. I mean, people see a suitcase in your closet and they think you just store it in there, no one is going to think "oh a suit case being stored in a closet, I wonder whats inside." The lock is just for precaution.

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    Just hope that people don't go looking for an extra suitcase and check for one in your closet.. or wonder why you aren't bringing your brand new suitcase on vacation.

    I use a typical locking camp chest and have it at the bottom of my closet. Holds about 4 packs of diapers and can be locked with a pad lock. If asked what's inside (which almost never happens) I just say i have OCD with wanting things to lock (which I truly do) and just vaguely explain that its filled with some old clothes and keepsakes.

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    Let's just hope the people of the house won't want to consider picking a lock to find out what you are trying to hide. It's a good alternative, but some people still will want to find out what is inside.

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    I recall reading that locks generally cause suspicion or curiosity, but one thing that might work is an old cardboard box under your bed which is where I hide my stash

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    I would go for a used suitcase from a thrift store, something that looks boring and has a built in lock if possible. In regards to dprdinky's comment about picking the lock, I few people would be so dedicated/rude, but you know the people with whom you live better than I. Just don't be like me and lose the key.

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    a locked box might cause suspicion or curiosity,

    but a locked suitcase is less likely.

    If nothing else fill it with personal items and let people that might wonder what is in it see it open once in a while till they think they know already what is in it.
    Then you can hide your diapers in it.

    I had a large wooden chest i built in high school but my parents never did look at it closely as it had a hidden compartment in the bottom that they never found.

    I later went in the navy and after boot camp i used the same chest in my barracks room as a oversize foot locker and the navy conducted room searches and they never found the hidden compartment or the 1911 .45 i kept in it.

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    Hmm, i guess i was lucky enough to live with people who respected my privacy my whole life.

    I also have another smaller stash in an old back pack with a teeny tiny master lock holding the two zippers together that hides in the overhang of the back pack material. Works too.

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