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Thread: Hello!

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    Smile Hello!

    Hi! I'm a senior in high school and proud ginger. I work a part time job after school, but when I come home it's time to relax. Which now includes diapering up! I like to wear my diapers because they just make me feel better. When I'm in a diaper I feel like a little kid again. I'm interested in being regressed, but I only have experience with wearing them by myself.
    Like I said I'm a senior in high school. I'm in several AP Classes and am also in our gifted program. After school I work in a factory for fiver hours. After that I come home get on the computer and play video games if I'm in the mood. I'm a gamer, a reader, and if the mood strikes me a poor writer.
    As for the reason I'm on here. As of late I've been feeling pretty low. I've decided that a community that gets the one thing that really makes me feel good no matter what. So... I guess I'm here for morale support? I'm not sure, which is why I'm here? I guess it's because I'm confused.
    I really don't know what else to say so this is it, ta ta for now!

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    Welcome to the forum, Cody! How exactly do you manage to keep up with those AP classes between work and games?

    Morale support is easy to find on ADISC. Heck, you've already FOUND a good supporter! Feel free to ask me any moral support questions!

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    welcome to the forum cody. looks like you found a great site for the support you are looking for.

    so how do you keep up with everything you got going on in your life? i myself have 2 jobs, help family and friends constantly out, and much more in my day, but it really isnt that much so im free most of the time, but you sound busy. so what kind of music do you listen to? what are some of your other hobbies besides reading, writing, and playing games?

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    Well, I just get through it one piece at a time. First I get through with school, than it is off to work for five hours every week night. It can really run me down, but I need the cash. I love school, so that is no issue, but work is really just because they pay me $10.40 an hour. As for my music... Right now I'm listening to an Ace of Base station mixxed with The Venga Boys on Pandora. Really I like everything but Country, Rap, and 98% of all the new music. As for hobbies... I don't have the time anymore to do much. I used to play video games, but right now I just don't really feel like playing them. I think I would also put math under a hobby. I love Calculus! XD

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    Hewo Cody and welcome to Adisc.
    I wear for minor incontinence, tho I wear all time cause it makes me feel younger too and help with depression a tiny bit.

    Also see you mentioned Ace of Base. I remember them, I have one cd by them. There first one I believe.
    I too agree with most music but for rap and country, I dont give new music a chance much any more cause everytime I do it
    doesn't interest me.

    I'm not super active here, but it seems to be a good support place.
    Hope you will enjoy it here and find some good support.

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    Hello, Cody1621, and welcome to Looks like you got everything I would say down already, so moving on to some other stuff I have to say :P.

    There's actually a guy...maybe two, but not sure about the second who seems to love calculus in our IRC/Live Chat, so you may want to drop in and maybe chat for a bit with us. We mainly don't talk about the *b/dl lifestyle, but it is an occasional topic. We have a lot of computer geeks as well, so you might be able to relate to the rest of us geeks, being a gamer yourself (from my experience the two go hand in hand). If you want some more background on the IRC before you might think about dropping in, try checking out this article written by Moo.

    If you have questions for us, need some support, or just looking to interact with people, don't be afraid to ask someone or make a post.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cody1621 View Post
    I love Calculus! XD
    Calc is the shit, you in AP calculus ab or bc? Also for your music I'd suggest checking out it runs off of and is pretty cool in terms exposing your personal tastes to other people and experiencing another person's. I joined the site myself during my senior year of high school, I was pretty depressed towards the end of it.

    But I give you a very warm welcome to this site.

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    good luck keeping that all strait! You'll find what ever it is on this site even if you dont KNOW what it is.theres just about an diaper and everyday life topic you could want on here

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cody1621 View Post
    Thanks everyone for being so friendly!
    Hi Cody!
    you have written a nice intro and follow-up.

    I think ADISC was made especially for people like you.
    The more you put into ADISC, the more you'll get from it!

    No doubt, you'll find great people who understand ABTBDL stuff throughout the site.
    Just curious, what's your favorite diaper(s) so far?


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