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Thread: Crossing over to this side...

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    Default Crossing over to this side...

    I've been 18 a while but it's about time I started posting here instead of Teen Baby forum. So, hewwo all. ^.^; I always like making new fwiends, so pwease, full free to PM me.

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    I could be wrong, but I don't think anyone has expectations of where you post by age.

    I'm 20, yeah I wish , try 34 and I post in most of the forums depending upon which conversations I can derail, err... provide meaningful contributions to.

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    I'm not a teen but I post in the teen forum sometimes - as long as your contributing something relevant I don't think anyone on here really minds where you post

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    Ya I have to agree with the others. It dont matter what teen or adult chat has. It depends on the topic.

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    Welcome to adulthood, it just goes downhill from here. I am going to break with the crowd here and admit that I don't frequent the TB board much. I've checked out a very few topics there but I don't think I've ever posted there. I think that's because I never considered myself a teen baby in the past. My first time wearing diapers was as an adult at 21 and even though I had dreams and fantasies about regressing before then I never once sought out information or tried to connect with others when I was a teen.

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    Well feel free to post wherever you want, that's my opinion
    If you see a topic here you want to respond to, feel free to do so! And the same goes for the teen selection

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    Easy way to grief an 18 year old: tell them that they aren't overage, they are just age. :P

    Well I guess that works in countries where its 18, substitute different ages for different countries yourself.

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