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Thread: Question for anyone that knows electronics

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    Exclamation Question for anyone that knows electronics

    I recently got the opertunity to get a LabVolt power supply, it needs a little bit of work to run again, and could be usuable by me, either as a working item or a prop, think its worth my time?

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    If you could get it to work, then it might be useful such as if you were going out and needed some power, or the power went out...Did you have to pay for it?

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    It may be worth your time, They are normally created by using large sized capacitors and if it has been plugged in you may want to be careful of these as they hold the electricity for a while after being unplugged. Could be as easy as a blown resistor, could be as hard as a bad power supply. Good Luck however you choose.

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    It depends, whats wrong with it, If it cost alot of money dont do anything and call customer support. if it was free unplug it and crack er open, and post pics on here so we can check the circuit board out for problems.
    (that is if it has one?!!>_>)
    But yeah safety is NO1 here so leave it unplugged for a day or so and then crack it open and check it out. Post a pic here so you can show us what it is in the inside.


    Jiggle or move capacitors around
    Touch the circuit board alot
    Work in an unclean enviorment
    Use the right tools for the right job
    Solder cleanly and neatly
    Buy the CORRECT replacement part (The manufactuer 9 times out of 10 will just give you the part for free)
    And last but not least be safe!

    If you do know what is wrong with it then tell us, I cannot stress just how IMPORTANT! details are here. It could even end up being something as simple as a dead ant on the circuit board. And if you have no experience with elctronics then dont even bother with it until you know what your doing.

    Good luck!

    Check twice solder once and wear rubber boots! :P

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