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    Been a long time since I was on here. Hope to have some good discussions with you all. Been into this lifestyle for a few years now.. not sure what else to say.

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    Oh, trust me, there is plenty more to say! Generally, with introductions, you should tell us a bit about yourself, other than the fact that you like diapers. Do you paint? Golf? Hunt? Cook? Et cetera.

    I'll extend my *virtual* hand in a warm welcome for you, but you should try to broaden your introduction.

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    welcome to the forum dprusr, always glad to have someone new on bored. and LDB is right, there is always plenty more to say, you cant tell me your life story is down to just that sentence above? there's always something you can tell other people about yourselves that they would love to hear....for example, Music. everyone likes music, they may not love it, but they at least like it.

    So tell us what your music interests are. what do you listen to? whos your favorite band/s?

    anyways, looking forward to seeing you around the forums...have fun and hope you meet some great friends.

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