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Thread: Your most awkward DL-related moment

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    Default Your most awkward DL-related moment

    Man oh man, do I have a tricky one. I may have posted it here a long time ago but I can't remember.

    A few years back in my Junior English class we were on computers working on a final, and my friend as usual is not working om anything. She was on a fanfic site, I can't remember the exact name. She was so shocked by one of the stories that she started telling me about it. Out loud.

    Just my luck, she comes across a TBDL story. She stares at me, wide-eyed anf shocked, says "wow, there's this school of all girls, and they make them wear diapers..." At this point I was just stone-faced at that d-word. She continues on..."and at this school they actually make them USE the diapers..." at this point I was just holding back laughter. All I could say was "'s not unheard of, I'll talk more about that later". That night I IMed her and explained my fetish and all she did was laugh.

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    I can't match that. At my age, I keep getting joked about having to wear depends. It's never easy keeping a straight face. Really, I never know how to respond to it. You know how it is with us when the word "diaper" is spoken.

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    Of course...any mention of it usually leads me to going "yeah, yeah..." or trying to play it off. :P

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    And that's pretty harsh. I'm honestly sorry to hear that. The best thing to do is ignore them.

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    I totally feel ya on the d-word, no matter what the conversation is about I feel like they're suddenly going to figure me out and I get all paranoid. But anyway my moment was when I first tried out the Depends Adjustables. I decided I'd go see District 9 when it was in theaters, as I always end up needing to go during a movie. Turns out they don't hold well. It was dreadful, I had two wets spots on the back of my jeans and worse of all I got the seat wet. I could only hope no one sat in it after I did but it wasn't crowded that day so it had hopefully dried out by then. But the awkward moment came when I had got up to go to the bathroom. The lobby was mostly clear and not many had an angle on me to notice my pants were wet, but there was one. A girl about my age was sitting in one of the arcade game racing seats near the bathroom as if she was waiting for someone. As I passed by I tried to not look nervous and avoid looking at her but I couldn't help it. As though I had to make sure she didn't see me I kept her in my field of view and she took notice. She watched me walking and I could see her. She didn't make a face, but her eyes... It was as though the gig was up and I was finished. I felt like everyone in the world would find out and was all because she knew. But nothing happened, I finished watching the movie and all was good. Learned my lesson about testing new diapers in public.

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    I was in psychology class, we had been working on a presentation about some sleep disorders for the past week. That day was the presentation day, most of it was pretty average half-assed PowerPoints on stuff like night horrors or something, and right after my friend and I had done our thing these two girls go up in front of the class and set up their presentation.

    A big title page that said "BEDWETTING" appeared on the smartboard, of course it kinda just... gave me that feel you feel when the diaper commercials come on TV, but otherwise I didn't think much of it. So they went on explaining symptoms and stuff, and eventually got to the part where we had to find a story from someone who suffers from the disorder.

    Do you know what you get from googling "Bed Wetting Stories"?

    Well, back when this happened it was this awful DL fap-fiction, and the best part was that they were COMPLETELY oblivious to it. Things like, "Oh how I love the feeling of my sagging wet diaper on my groin!". I felt bad for her, this poor girl had to voice the entire story to a room full of high school students. I can't imagine how awkward that must have been for her, I wasn't even speaking and I wanted to rip my intestines out. Granted, she really had no idea, but I'd hate to be the person she finds out to be a bedwetter.

    My friend turned to me after and said "That was... odd" I replied "No fucking shit, that was bad. I know what that's from to...". I was barely containing myself between shaking my head and facepalming. Later I told him ABOUT ABDL, never said I was one or anything. Though... he might have had his suspicions, we are both good at reading people so you never know.

    I feel bad for anyone trying to find bedwetting information that happens to google the wrong thing....

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    Once when I was home alone and had some goodnites I put one on and about 2 minutes later my dad comes up the drive way. After I had taken it off and put may pants on I didn't have time to hide it. When he came into my room I had to talk to him while lying face down with a drynite tucked down my shirt.

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    My sister googling something on my phone and a bunch of diaper-related searches coming up :/

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    Quote Originally Posted by dbc View Post
    My sister googling something on my phone and a bunch of diaper-related searches coming up :/

    Ouch...I always fear that too.

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    Yea..THE ONE TIME I hadn't deleted my history

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