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    I like to work out, I usually do 4 or more times a week. I have a weight room in my basement. For the last 6 or so years I only work out wearing my diaper and a pair of gym shoes. I love to be in just diapers, and I use this as a motivator to help keep me in the gym and in shape. My wife does not really like me wearing diapers, I figure the least I can do is keep in shape. If she is going to have to see a guy in diapers, at least he could have a six pack. Wondering if anyone else works out diapered?

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    I have before >.> like a long time ago XD i need to start working out again

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    I don't but you know what, Working out in a diaper around a mirror would probably motivate my fat a$$ to work out a lot more

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