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Thread: Your favorite AB item?

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    Default Your favorite AB item?

    So, what is your favorite baby item? mine is my plushie i guees most persons like the diapers but i prefeer my plushies

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    My stuffed Dalmatian spotty. I got hum when I was born and still love him.

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    Like above, but in my case - my mommy. Quite like my paci too, though.
    And the little teddy bear with a picture of us - got it for my birthday.

    Besides that I don't really have more items like that, I guess.

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    My pajamas. Of all the stuff I've tried over the years, slipping into my brand-new footie PJs for the first time was the only thing that really, truly made me feel "little" for a moment.

    Aside from that, the big stash of Goodnites in my closet ranks pretty high...

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    Well other then my daddy...
    it's not really a thing, but it's the movies I watch with my daddy. Then make me feel so small in a second!

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    My favorite item is probabbly my Footed Sleeper, nothing better.

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