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    So i am a little bit confused. I have liked diapers and the idea of regressing for as long as i can remember. Of course when i hit puberty it began to become a little more of a sexual thing for me. The problem is that i still think of myself as an AB. Another thing that bugs me, is that when i try to regress, i just feel incredibly stupid, even though I love the idea of it. I dont know what i am really planning on getting out of this post. I guess i just wish i could go back to the way it was before and be more of an AB.

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    Don't sweat it Storm. We have all gone through this changing experience, and have all gone through the learning curve that goes along with being an AB/DL. Honestly, don't put titles on yourself. Don't pin yourself down to being just one type of person. It is perfectly normal in the world to classified into two areas at the same time. Everyone is different.

    Take for example baseball: While some players excel at offense and others at defense it is near impossible to play one side of the field. Your first baseman isn't just your first baseman, he could also be your best hitter, a gold glove winning defenseman, and then again he could just be an average joe. My point is don't focus so much on if you are an AB or a DL or anything else under the sun, focus on you. If you can figure out what you are, it'll all work out.

    As for the regression part, I do understand that. While it can be relaxing it can also make you feel like a complete idiot. Here's the thing though, if you think it will help, for whatever reason, go ahead and do it. There are much worse things out there you can do with your free time.

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    Plus, does it matter whether you are AB or DL? It's just what it is to you, no need to panic about giving it a name

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    labels are dumb, they are socially produced and make the individual feel like they have only a few options to choose from. ab dl both just general umbrella acronyms. why not be both and call it good. or forget the terms and produce your own wonderland where you feel secure and happy, because that is really what we all are looking for.

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    there are people who are caretakers that get turned on by taking care of an AB... and there are caretakers that find that disgusting and take care for their baby. I mean, even when you are a CT it really doesn't show how you are in it...
    Just be who you are, do what feels good... and don't panic about what you arre

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    I'm fairly sure most people will be a mix of the two anyway! Don't label yourself!

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    The problem isnt so much the label, as it is the way i am viewing myself. I guess its just part of growing up but i used to see myself differently, and I liked it more.

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