So I dont know where to Post this so here is my best option.

So First one today I order a Vintage pack of Goodnites L/XL Trim-Fit Should be here next week. Pretty Excited Nervous about that until they get here. Because I know my Dad Likes to open Packages that come.

Second: I told my gf about all of this at first she wanted nothing to do with it until she realised how big of a part of my life this is. and now She wants to see me in them and have fun with them. idk what that means but theres more good news to come. I sent her photos of just them and she cant believe i Fit in them still. and she is still reading all of the articles on us.

Third: My gf is into like Kinky and BDSM and I know I am interested also but never tried it. the thing is she has. and she wants to try it on me. the only way she will though is the Slave master and thats the exact way I wanted it. She said for her birthday Jan 3rd she wants us to Rent a Hotel Room and have fun with it. be as loud as we want since both of us live with Parents.