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Thread: What's a good daytime diaper?

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    Default What's a good daytime diaper?

    Hey! I'm looking for a good daytime diaper that can be bought at a store that holds quite a bit and isn't that loud...I don't mind bulkyness too much.

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    Under the assumption that you don't wear for need, any store brand with the cloth-backing will be nice and quiet. They aren't the best diapers, but if you wear with a pair of plastic pants they will get quieter and you will be more protected from leaks and odors. Some people have a lot of problems with the value brand diapers, but i've never come across any and I wear and use diapers a good amount out in public and what not. You should change often though. It's worth a try.

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    Molicare Comfort Super, hands down best. Super slim, but they can last 4-6 hours. Of course, they're not super slim when fully used. Now that they're white instead of purple, it's less conspicuous even if something starts to peek over the top of your pants.

    EDIT: Whoops. Missed the part about buying in stores. If you're in Pasadena, you could theoretically drive out to Ventura and pick 'em up directly from XP's warehouse.

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    i would go for the adult pull up style pads like tena pants super or plus

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