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Thread: Night messing

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    Default Night messing

    I've always been bowel and urinary incontinent, so I'm used to wetting in my sleep. I haven't messed myself at night since I was about 10. But recently (4 nights a week, for the past 3 weeks) I've been waking up in a messy bed. My diaper does little to contain the mess (it's a Bambino). Do you know if there Any other diapers to contain the mess?
    I sleep on my side.

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    There are quite a lot of diaper that are sold for fecal incontinence - I am not sure about American brands but in the UK I use Tena slip maxi's which are very efficient for pee and hold nighttime poop accidents well. Basically a high capacity diaper will work well for both.

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    you want to find something with good standing leak guards and proper elastic in the leg-openings. Abriforms should do fine (3 - 4).

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    the abena abriforms as stated above will work well for you. if you find that you are still having issues at night you can try a pair of plastic pants over the diaper, you may have to wash the pants in the morning but at least the bed will be clean. I recommend getting a set of high backed plastic pants with a god elastic waistband.

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    I use tena slip maxi's for overnight double incontinence and they tend to hold it all in pretty well provided I wear some net pants or tight boxers over the top

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    I just ordered some samples of abri forms and tena slips. I hope they work!

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    The tena slip maxi are the best. Wish we could get them here in the USA> The abena should work well for you. I would use plastic pants over the thick diaper rather than take a chance on the boxers which could get wet and soiled.

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    Thanks for the suggestions! The tena slip maxi is perfect

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    Attends with waistbands work well, for double incontinence....

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    I would also suggest plastic pants for extra security. I use these quite often and feel that the extra security makes a big difference with the worry about mess.

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