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Thread: tips and trick for wetting?

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    Default tips and trick for wetting?

    helo, i dont know, i may be the only one who has this but *embarassed* *blushes* i get an erection most times when wearing diapers and it makes it hard to wet them, is there a trick to end this? thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by Loopy View Post
    Good idea. Although for some who find diapers sexual they may loose interest after "completion".

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    yea, for some reason after i masturbate i feel less compelled to wear them :/

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    if your only connection with diapers and wetting them is that it turns you on sexually, then the only thing i can think of is just give it time and soon you wont be so aroused out of it.

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    Start wearing them through the day under your clothes, after a while your body will get used to the feeling, and then you'll get the chance to use them.

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    im wearing them as we speak and i have more than a sexual attraction to them.....ooops, just wet....

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    I have this same "issue", i just wait and have patience. I go do other things, like play games and such. I forget about it, and then i have no problems .

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    Sorry to say, but if diapers are a sexual thing, there is no way out of getting *stiff*.

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    Got wood? No problem!

    My advice is to just take several deep breaths, and try to distract yourself, by doing something else. Try not to think of yourself wearing a diaper, and also try not to look down on it, touch it, etc. Don't even think about wetting. Completely distract yourself by doing whatever, and wet at another time when you are not hard.

    Wetting isn't that hard. It's not long either.

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