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    Smile hi

    hi, im new here, i just wanna say "hi", im a bit shy and never know what to say, so if anyone wants a new friend i will be happy if u add me

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    Hello. nice to meet you welcome to Adisc.

    (i'm the guy who posted the thread above you but i wanted to say hello to someone else who just joined)

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    well welcome to the ADISC onlyme. glad to have you here. why dont you tell us a little bit about yourself? whats your hobbies, your interests (mind you we know about the diapers already now, lol) do you work? go to school? let us know something about you.

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    HI OnlyME ( I like the name ) Most people here start off really shy but we don't bit. Save for the furries but it's really more of a nibble. What do you enjoy doing off the inter web?

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    nice to meet you too

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    well im a bit shy, im a student.
    i love music and photography.
    to tell u the truth i only try on a diaper once, althougth i wanted to do it more often i never got the courage to do it.
    i join here so i can talk to people that feel the same way i do and dont get jugde for it.

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    i like halloween too lol
    i enjoy spending time with friends, but i just move to a new place and i dont know anyone yet, so i spend alot of time alone

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    Hi OnlyMe!
    Welcome to ADISC!
    Did you ever get a chance to wear a diaper as a kid (after potty training, etc)?

    And yeah, it can take a LOT of courage to order (or buy at a store) your 1st pack of diapers.
    We have many diaper experts here who will give you good suggestions as far as size, price and so forth!

    Have fun getting to know the whole site, and being an active member in the ADISC community!


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