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Thread: Finding it difficult to sleep because I keep needing a wee.

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    Default Finding it difficult to sleep because I keep needing a wee.

    I've think I overdone it in the nappy department because my bladder has become super sensitive to urine in my bladder, I can't get to sleep without going to the toilet beforehand and it literally tricklies out, go back to bed and within an hour I need the toilet again. Has this happened any anybody eles?

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    I have only had something similar to this happen to me once only because I drank way too much before I went to bed. Literally within an hour I ended up having to go again. Is this happening lately and/or frequently to you or has this been happening before?

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    Its happening more frequently especially after a heavy nappy session, I've been wearing quite a bit lately.

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    What do you mean by a heavy nappy session? Have you been drinking any kind of drink within 30 minutes to an hour before going to sleep?

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    That happens to me all the time even if I don't wear for months. Its been like that for about 5 years now (before I ever had a chance to buy my own). I also always wake up at night sometimes more then once having to go badly and yet not much comes out. But It gives me a reason to wear to bed besides the fact that I just love wearing them to bed If I wear to bed I get such a good sleep and feel good the next day instead of tired.

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    I have had that problem for a few years now. For me it's mostly stress related, more stress=more bathroom break throughout the day and night.

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    It's just because your bladder's accustom to diapers

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    Stress can make an over-active bladder go crazy sometimes all nite long. You just have to pad up thicker and try to relax.

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    what so your saying the more you do this in bed your body might become use to it and eventually decide that it doesnt need to wake up ?

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    my question to you is when did you last wear, because if it is very recently, it may be that your body is used to you using diapers and not the toilet. If this problem persists however I suggest seeing a doctor, not a lot else I can help you with I'm afraid

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