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Thread: Color Blindness

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    Default Color Blindness

    Who else is color blind?
    If ya are, does it ever get you into trouble or anything? Maybe you have some kind of story about it you'd care to share?

    My mom(!) diagnosed me as being color blind when I was five. I kept swearing that the green light on the traffic signal was white.
    Strangely, I now hold a job that requires me to trace, disconnect and reconnect wires of various colors inside machines. God bless wiring diagrams.
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    Oh, I#ve done that kind of test before. The doctor had those dots in a little book, and he wasn't able to turn the pages past enough with my reading out the numbers. I can say for 150% sure that I'm very much not color blind!

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    colorblindness runs in my family (my father had it) but thankfully, i don't ^^

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    Butterfly Mage


    My dad has "low cone function", which is a type of color blindness where he does perceive color but it's muted and washed out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by plenka View Post
    You should put those answers in spoilers, it could give false results if somebody actually knows what they are meant to be looking for.

    The term should really be along the lines of "colour confused" for most people, after all you can still see colour. This term at uni I've met a guy who is fully colour blind i.e. has has no working cone cells and sees solely in black and white.
    In answer to the question, I am not colour blind one bit.

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    I can tell the colours are changing in the image but I really can't make it out very well. Weird the first one looks like 20

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    Not color blind, found out my boss was the first week I worked for him, in a sticky situation. How does it work in New Mexico where they lay their street lights on their sides?

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    Colors are the one thing I see pretty good, everything else is sorrta a blur.

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    Thankfully, I'm not colorblind, in fact I have 20/13 vision.

    However, one of my friend's dad's is colorblind, so on April Fool's day, my friend put pink shoelaces on her dad's shoes, and her dad didn't even notice them until he was at work and someone had pointed it out for him.

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    I'm colorblind. It hasn't ever been a serious problem for me, although it prevented me from being allowed to take chemistry classes in university. Back in the dark ages when I was a student, you had to be able to identify the colors of liquids in chemistry labs.

    The only thing that gives me problems these days are colour coded maps. I would think they would give a lot of grief to young colorblind students.

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