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Thread: Most embarrassing moment?

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    Default Most embarrassing moment?

    Have you ever had an embarrassing moment when others find out by accident that you wore diapers? Someone found your stash, pants fell down in public, you ran into a friend as you walked out of the pharmacy with your package of diapers?

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    Nope. I have had accidents at school though the last time being in seventh grade science class.

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    The First time I ever bought diapers, I was walking to the store and about half a block away from the store I saw one of my old friends at a bus stop. So I stopped and talked to him for a moment. He said Sup and I said going to the store then he said for what and I panicked for a second then studered C-C_candy. If I left like 5 mins earlier he would have seen me walking back with the diapers in my bag O_0.

    Close, too close.

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    About a year ago, I walked into a pharmacy to buy Goodnights, had them in hand, and was going to walk-out when I saw a kid from my high school. He was at the counter, and I was a few aisles down, I put the package down, and ducked down.
    Also, earlier this year when I was in the bathroom changing, my brother knocked on the door and asked what I was doing.

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    I had a close call at work when I went into the bathroom to adjust the tapes on my diaper. There's only one stall so it's handicap accessible and the latch is this heavy rotating paddle. Well the mechanism is loose and apparently it came unlocked and a coworker walked in. Lucky for me I had already adjusted the tapes and was tucking in my shirt with my back to the door so he didn't see anything. It gave me a bit of a scare though and I put in a request to have the door fixed by maintenance.

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    I got "caught" by a woman meter reader a few years back. I have a secluded yard and it was a beautiful Summer day so I was out in my backyard in only a thin diaper and plastic pants. A while later an electric utility meter reader lady came in the yard to take the outdoor meter reading. I was totally taken by surprise and I'm sure she was as well! All I could say was "Hi, Nice day", she said "It sure is, I hope for many more like this" and seemed to ignore the situation. This was the only other person besides my wife to see me in plastic pants. My wife is OK with the plastic pants, she just sees them as underwear.

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