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Thread: Double diapering

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    Default Double diapering

    Does doubling diapering work for you? It does for me! I love it! Especially the waddling I get with multiple diapers

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    Yes it is great and saves a lot of time as you do not have to change as often.
    It also helps to wear plastic pants.

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    Just buy a better quality diaper and use a booster and you will get the same result.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paul_L View Post
    Just buy a better quality diaper and use a booster and you will get the same result.
    Do what he said but put the booster inside the diaper... Then the standing leak guards will still work well and you will get one helluva bulky diaper...

    Take a look at this will explain in way more detail (with pics too) ...have fun!
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    I used to back when all I could get a hold of were the Depends Max Protection. In that sense, doubling up was great.

    However, now that I am using Bambinos and Abenas, I have more than enough thickness to keep me happy. I haven't doubled up in over a year.

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    I occasionally indulge. Last night, in fact, I wore plastic pants and a Dry 24/7, with an Abri-let Maxi insert inside, over an Abena M4, the M4 had slits cut in its backing. Let's just say I "used" it to its capacity and it felt heavenly! I think I wet 6-7 times with no leaks. I could hardly close my legs in bed and I could definitely feel the padding. Yes, double-diapering can be awesome. That is one thick diaper combo though, I would need some generously-cut pants to wear this combo in public!

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    To be honest, I'm not much of a fan of double diapering. I don't like how air is even more restricted with two plastic backings and things get warmer and more uncomfortable. It definitely is more absorbent though!
    I'm much happier with thicker, better quality diapers that don't need to be doubled up.

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    I double up my diapers every time I diaper up, when useing a top quality diaper I always put it on last and use the lessor brand diaper as the soaker.
    The great thing about doubling up quality brand diapers is you dont have to change a wet diaper for 8 to 10 hours unless you are a very heavey wetter or happen to mess your diaper befor you completely soak up the diapers your are wearing.

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    Right now I am wearing 3 Molicares. For some reason really thick diapers are a joy to me.

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    Doubling up forme just doesn't work. The pee doesn't drain from the inside diaper fast enough and it leaks.

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