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    Hi Everyone! What a great site i'm happy i've found it! there is so much support and ideas on here its great to see there are plenty of people out there like me! I'm a diaperlover and have been all my life, well as far back as i can remember anyway! They have come in and out of my life but are pretty well settled as part of my secret life now. I'm soon to be married but my partner knows nothing about this side of me. Ond day i might have the courage to talk to her about it! Anyway great site i'm glad to be a part of it.


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    Hey mate,

    welcome to ADISC from another inhabitant of the Red Continent (although I'm overseas at the moment for christmas). I think you'll have a great time here finding lots of interesting people. Good on ya for getting married, I hope that if you ever tell your soon-to-be-wife, she'll be understanding and supportive.


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    Hello and welcome from a "pomme" (is that the right word? lol!)

    congrats on getting married, I hope that when you feel the time is right to share "everything" with her, that she is understanding and supportive.

    It might be worth telling her BEFORE you get wed, it might be considered "not nice" waiting to be "hitched", to let the "skeletons out of your closet".

    IF she were to be EXTREMELY ADVERSE to the idea, you won't have spent all that money on the wedding beforehand! Lol JOKE

    Other than the obvious, what are your hobbies and interests, what do you do for a living etc?

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