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Thread: Super Mario Galaxy the coolest game ever!

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    Default Super Mario Galaxy the coolest game ever!

    Ive been looking at screen shots of super mario galaxy and amazed how awesome it is. I dont have the wii yet so ive never been able to play it but it looks to me like the best mario game ever made. Its like they finally brought the old mario style back. The themes are all back and more and theres whole bunch of new stuff. I remember when i was kid playing super mario world on SNES and wondering how cool it would be if mario was in space like super mario land 2 the six golden coins had those two levels that you could go into space. Ive havent got excited for a mario game for a long time but this defiantly is one to obsess over. Damn Mario games are like crack just looking at them, its so addicting. Anyone play it? Do u think its the best mario game ever or even?

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    Oh, yeah. It's easily the best Mario game ever. It's huge, has a wide variety of difficulties (I spent 2 weeks trying to kill one boss on the level where you can't get touched at all), and I feel they finally got the 3D camera working right. It feels like what Mario 64 was supposed to be. Which was fun in it's own right, but this is way cooler.

    All of the Wiimote stuff feels tacked on, and I think the 2-player mode is boring if you're the 2nd player (collecting star bits), but it's a very solid game.

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    Damn thats awesome im glad its not too easy. Yeah i know super mario 64 sucked in my opinion i never got into it like super mario bros 3 and world.

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    ...No. Maybe the best 3D Mario game, but the old ones will always be the best. >.>

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    Quote Originally Posted by DarkSunDS View Post
    ...No. Maybe the best 3D Mario game, but the old ones will always be the best. >.>
    I agree, agree, agree, agree, agree, agree.

    Super Mario Galaxy is a cute and fun game, but it's sort've over-developed and simply pointless when placed beside the vintage releases, in my opinion. Give me Super Mario Bros. 1 through 3 any day.

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    If you're looking for that classic Mario feel, may I suggest Super Paper Mario?

    I get a lot of mixed opinions on that one, but I personally love the Paper Mario series, I can pretty much beat the 64 version with my eyes closed.

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    We sold our Wii before we could finish the game. (That's a mouthful) But it was pretty fun from what I remember.

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    I heard that Super Mario Galaxy have some thing in common with Super Mario Bros 3....either way, Galaxy well be one of the game I pick up when I get a Wii, I'm a fan of the old school Mario (SMB, SMB2, SMB3, SMW, SMW2YI) and even a fan of the 3D games (SM64 and SMS)

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    SMB3 is still king in my book and I bet always will be. Its simple yet hard, it looks god awesome for a NES game even in today's standards and controls are perfect.

    Anyways about the graphics of this new mario game walk up to a wall and look directly at it and you will see that its actually very ugly. The camera is zoomed out so you can't tell so they purposely cut corners but really its not a big deal. I bought the game as soon as it came out, as soon as I beat the story mode I didn't bother playing it again. Now it just sits there hoping someone freaking plays it. The storyline did make me nearly cry at more then one point.

    Also if you ask why I don't sell it since I might not play it again. Well I am a gamer, I never sell games back to stores when they turn around and sell it back at 30-70% the rate they sold it to me. I also very rarely trade video games with people.
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    I would have to agree with Fire2box and say that Super Mario Bros. 3 is still the best(in my opinion). Mario Galaxy is definitely in my top 3 mario games though.

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