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    You're never going to believe me....

    Anyways, in hindsight, the situation is, my parents caught me (3 different times; in April, June, and July), and as a result, I have been going to therapy for 7 months. My parents never liked this fetish and really wanted it gone.

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    So I go in nervously because my parents are finally going into therapy with me. Long an behold, the first thing I'm told, is they accept this part of me and feel this situation should be treated like masturbation (an awkward subject, but left to my own privacy), and I also gained a lock on my door. I was in awe. The only request for me is to get a full-time job, so I'm not on the internet, or doing this all day, which is understandable

    The meeting wasn't all fun, nor was it fun at all. There was a lot of yelling, and some crying from their side. I wasn't too thrilled with this by any means, but it's a start on their end.

    I'm just glad to see they tried to accept this and now they do. Something I felt I needed to get out there.
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    Well that's good it worked out for you, now you won't have to worry about getting caught anymore
    I would hate not having a lock on my door.

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    I'm happy you have a chance at peace in your home.

    Sometimes the I don't want to think about it anymore, which includes thinking about trying to stop it, can be quite a relief.

    I was in that boat and appreciated the my Mother respected my privacy.

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    Your lucky you did not have to put up with too much trouble and you did not have to deal with much either. It can be hard for parents to accept this kind of lifestyle especially because in a way, it does not make sense, and to most parents is a very horrible thing even though it is not all that bad. Good thing your parents accepted it for good and not for bad.

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    Good luck...I will applaud you for the fact that you are far ahead of where I was at your age, as far as my parents were concerned. They still had no clue with me at that age, and my only hope, as far as I was concerned, was to get as far away from them as possible. So I did, and then I did what I had to do on my own.

    Thankfully, you and your parents are still talking to you, and they are trying. That is something, don't take it lightly.

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    Yeah, I had to get away from home. My mom didn't approve, and I never knew if my dad knew, because he never said anything, but since my mom sent me to a psychiatrist at a residential center, he would have had to know.

    Since you said you will have to get a full time job, at 18, are you considering college? Would your parents help out with that? I just wondered if that was something you were interested in. Anyway, I'm glad things have more or less worked out. I know it's not easy to watch your parents cry. Obviously, they love you.

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