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Thread: Uhm.. Hello!

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    Red face Uhm.. Hello!

    Hey, well I think Im the new guy around here and the fisrt message I got said that I should intruduce myself, well what I can say.
    Im Wolphycub from Mexico.
    19 years old straigth man.
    Love to sleep diapered and alongside my plushie, but not a bed wetter. (In fact I have to get up from bed and pee in my diaper)

    This week I finally used all my diapers from my 2nd bag Ive ever bougth.
    The semester at the University is almost over and we are getting ready for holidays.
    Few days ago I made up my mind and went to the University diapered.
    Like I said before, the semester is almost over so, I didnt have to spend much time around.
    I used a diaper brand called "Affective" active med. size (35-48cm), the bad news were that Im 31 of waist.
    So I want to ask is someone could advise me about brands and were I could find diapers for my real size and good or "at least not too noticiable" diaper for school with a nice lever of absorbency.

    I think thats all.
    Greetings from Mexico

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    Hey, welcome, glad you're having fun. Sorry no suggestions for where to get diapers in Mexico though, but maybe there are some other Mexican members that can help.

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    Hi. You're from Mexico...That's awesome.Don't have any tips on the diaper thing considering I've never even bought my own!:P

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    Well... Im not a master about this stuff, but
    The first time I bougth them,

    I was home alone
    was shure that my parents and brothers will be out all day
    went to the nearest pharmacy by taxi, (something dangerous and expensive, I do not recommend it)
    looked for a the closest ones to my size. (sadly 35-48 mediums in whole pharmacy)
    bougth them and and some other stuff (a candy, magazine...)
    You should try to take a look at the diapers corner before buying and be shure whic ones will fit you

    Youre pretty young, If you dont know how to move around your city (taxi, buses, streets, avenues etc) You shold think it twice.
    If youre actually living here at the north, BE CAREFUL, Mexico is a risky place rigth now.

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    Thanks anyway.

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    (I speak a little spanish)
    Welcome to ADISC!
    I hope you have a lot of fun getting to know the site, and making ADISC even better with your ideas and your contributions...

    Just curious, when did you 1st start to like diapers?
    Also, do they sell lots of GoodNites and adult diapers in MX?

    - Will

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