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    My name is Enrique (AKA Henry), I'm from TBN (yes, another one). I'm 17, male (duh!), proudly Mexican, I'm bi, more oriented in...girls...I think...I've been a TB since I was 12, my parents know, I'm bipolar. And I'm also very friendly and like to help people, oh, and I'm also a really nice guy!

    My favorite movies are any that is good. I want to be a movie director, I'm writing a book that I hope I publish by middle or ends of 2009. My favorite music is the gothic music, my fave band is Within Temptation. I also love Nightwish, Tarja, Delain...

    Orchestral music, my favorite singer is Sarah Brightman...

    I like to read and write, listent to music and make videos on my computer. I find myself very creative and imaginative.

    My favorite TV shows are Heroes, House M.D., Lost and Law & Order SVU. My favorite anime/cartoon of all time is and always will be Digimon. I actually write Digimon fanfics in, also Sonic, Zelda, bla bla.

    I have suck my thumb all my life, I'm a natrual thumbsucker and I don't think I'm stopping any time soon.

    I'm happy to meet you all! Hope we can get along and be friends!

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    That was a very good introduction, Enrique! As you mentioned, several TBN members have joined ADISC recently. Glad to have you aboard.

    I, too, wish you success in your endeavors to be a movie director in the future. I'll keep a lookout for your first film.

    Hope you enjoy it here. I know you'll make lots of friends.


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    Awww, thanks a lot Pramrider! You look like a really nice guy, thanks for the warm welcomeing and for having hopes in me! I know I'll make it!

    *hugs you* =)

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    Welcome, enjoy yourself here.

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    Hola, Enrique!! I know you enjoy being a member here & will have lots of fun!!

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    Hey and welcome. Have fun here. It's nice to see so many new people, myself being rather new.

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    Welcome to ADISC, your introduction was alot more interesting than alot of members around here, ncie to meet you and i hope you enjoy your stay. :p

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    yay Mexican whoo hoo =D

    welcome to adisc hope to see you posting around....

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