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Thread: Hola adisc!

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    Cool Hola adisc!

    Hi Everyone!

    I'm Enigma, I'm an easy going college student and I thought I'd get on here to chat with people of similar interests.

    I'm a DL and Sissy primarily but I think if given the opportunity I might also be into the idea of being an AB, as long as I could explore the girly side :p.

    When I'm not loving on Diapers, I generally am playing video games and or working on college. But if I get some extra time during the summer I like to get outdoors and go camping, hiking, backpacking, anything to get out with nature. Other than that, I guess I'm into the regular everyday stuff like music, facebook, coffee, food .

    Anywho, I look forward to chatting with y'all and I'll see you around in the forums!

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    welcome to the forum Enigma, glad you could join us. i hope you find what your looking for out the site. my main reason for being on the site was to meet new people as well, but also because i get bored at home and want something else to do.

    I too am also a gamer, what kind of games and what systems do you play on? I mainly play on my comp, usually FPS' but i do get into some MMO sometimes. all i've been playing latly is unreal tournament 3 and 2004. most of the games i use to have (for the wii, xbox - original, PS2) are all gone, either stollen or i traded them in for something else. so im not really left with anything but my comp stuff. and where im at i cant use the internet for gaming being the spot im in all we can get is dial up...

    what are you going to school for? if you dont mind me asking. I've thought about going back to school but because of certain reasons, i have yet to even fully look into it.

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    íHola amigo! Eres un *B/DL, ┐No?

    Okay, got that out of the way. Welcome to the forum!

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    Heya Colt,

    Mainly I am a XBox 360 gamer, my new favorite game being Rocksmith .. otherwise, it'll be overshadowed by SW:TOR once early access and launch takes off. I'm studying about Nutrition for now, it'll give me a descent job as a Meal planner while I work on my post-grad stuff.

    Thanks for the welcomes all

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    Hello and welcome

    I'm a newbie too, but I'm not "into nappies", I HAVE to wear them for my incontinence

    Looking forward to replying to more of your posts around the forum

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