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Thread: Oh crap! That was awkward...

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    Default Oh crap! That was awkward...

    OK... so I was in my dorm room with two of my friends tonight because we had nothing better to do. After watching two movies, I was just playing youtube videos off my laptop onto my TV. I was using the extended monitor mode so I could find videos while the current one played full-screen on the computer.

    Eventually, I wanted to open a new chrome window up, but didn't want to exit out of the current full screen video, so I right clicked the chrome icon on my task bar. I saw a youtube link pinned for some reason (I never pin videos) and I decided to just click on it instead of opening a browser and typing in youtube... Lo, and behold, the video that popped up on the TV RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY FRIENDS was labeld "My Diaper Collection," a video I don't even remember watching. I don't watch that stuff on youtube. I have no idea how I pinned it! All I could do was say, "WHAT THE HELL???" and X it out. I hope they thought I saw a link under funny or something and got trolled, but either way, it was not a fun experience...

    Does anybody else have an experience they'd like to share when they thought everything was in control and normal when all of a sudden, something blatantly ABDL pops up???

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    Ouch, awkward.

    Some time ago, before I told my mum, I had Skype open and was talking to her. About halfway through a YouTube video review of the Tena Slip Maxi that I'd paused before calling her decided to start playing... with sound Luckily it turns out the audio quality wasn't good enough for her to hear what it was, but it was still a bit of an awkward moment

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