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Thread: Anyone feel guilty?

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    Default Anyone feel guilty?

    Yesterday I ordered another pack of diapers since I am running low. I didn't think twice about it. Now, a day later, I am starting to feel guilty and ashamed of myself for buying more diapers. It's kind of hard to explain, I guess it's like feeling embarrassed for feeding the fetish. Diapers are not a sexual thing for me, they are purely for comfort and security. However, it almost makes me feel depressed that I continue to live this "lifestyle".

    Does anyone ever feel this way?

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    I feel guilty when looking at my bank balance after buying a months supply of diapers, but otherwise not really. However, when I first started actually getting diapers I did use to feel guilty occasionally. I've heard other people mention that this often comes before a binge/purge cycle too.

    The way I look at it is you can either indulge your fetish and be happy, or repress it and be sad until it finally overwhelms you and you give in and indulge anyway. The first option sounds the most sensible to me

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    Totally agree with cgh. I boxed it away for way too long; did not indulge enough and then felt bad when I did. When I realised that I could come up with no rational argument for behaving that way the answer was simple, indulge away and be happy!

    So please don't feel guilty, you have done nothing wrong, just enjoy yourself and I hope you find a way to completely accept yourself because you'll be a lot happier.

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    Yeah, I do feel that moment when I buy em. I don't know why either but I guess its what we are. I always have an on and off purges, which sucks because same as you I need to feed my "desires". And I wouldnt say it depresses me..more of I hate that part of me lol

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    Please try not to, hating it will get you nowhere. You have but one choice: love being an ab and it will love you back. :P

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    The purging is such a natural thing to do! I have other hobbies which are considered out of the norm and once upon a time i used to do the same thing.

    The best thing you can do is be calm about it all, remember that there are so many of us out there who enjoy the same thing, and can be the support network to get you through those moment of 'Im done with all this'.
    It passes though, you stop feeling so much guilt with it, and then its freakin awesome!

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    Lol don't get me wrong I love diapers and I even bought me a nuk 5 out of curiousity. Just the only thing I hate is my random on/off purges and wasting money on ab stuff cause I'm a broke college student.. Somewhat o.o lol

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    I kinda do, though not nearly as bad as I used to feel. I think it's because of the way I was raised being deeply embedded into my subconscious ("Big boys don't wear diapers! People who practice 'deviant' behavior should all be institutionalized!") etc.

    I just have to remind myself that I really don't believe a word of that crap, though it was pounded into my head for so long. I believe a diaper fetish is like anything else: done in moderation and in such a way as to not harm yourself, your relationships, or any innocent bystanders, then I think it is very hard to make a case for why one should not do it. Most of the objections I have heard are ridiculous and ignorant, I.e., "It's dangerous to your health" or "you can't do this and have a healthy life" or "its an indication that you have serious mental problems" or "it's perverted"

    These are the responses you are likely to hear from the general public, none of which I believe are true. So I don't see anything to feel guilty about.

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    I used to quite often, recently I have been feeling far more accepting of myself (in general) and see this side as just another part of what makes me. I do not perceive it as defining me, more that it is a piece of a larger composition.

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