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Thread: How does one know what their fursona is?

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    Default How does one know what their fursona is?

    I was wondering how someone chooses their fursona

    Did you just know? or was it something you grew into.

    I'm new to the furry scene and have a lot of questions about it so I hope this doesn't offend anyone

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    You don't have to have a real reason for whatever Fursona you choose.

    It can be an animal or combination of animals you identify with. An animal you think is just cute. Your favorite animal, or you can just like someone else's fursona and change a few things to make it your own. I would suggest looking around on for something you identify with and find a way to make it your own. Please note: i am not saying steal someone else's but seeing someone else's can help you figure out what yours it.

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    Thank you for replying.

    I just found out about Fur Affinity and have found it to be a great site.

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    For me, it's some indistinct, nondescript internal feeling that I identify with. I don't know why my fursona is a wolf, I just know it is one. I have a sort of...natural affinity, with the creatures, and have had the wonderful pleasure of interacting with them quite literally face-to-face on multiple occasions.

    I was a dragon, for awhile, because that was something I thought was "cool" - but it didn't really reflect what I "feel" in me, so much as what I think is "awesome."

    The wolf, is...well, it is my identity. The "idealized" me, I suppose.

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    It what you really want it to be. Colors, species.(or a hybrid) markings, Anthro, feral.
    You can have more than one if you wish too, tho most who do consider one as there main.
    Just pick what you like, not what others want you to be.

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    In High School I had this vivid and amazing dream about turning into a wolf and having to decide between that and my human life. Ever since then I've had a huge attachment to wolves. I even went to Yellowstone as a 16th birthday trip that my parents do, just to observe the animals. I didn't officially become a furry until recently, and I decided upon a coyote as my fursona. It just feels right, and the first animal I actually stopped to see at the park was a coyote anyways.
    Eventually I'm hoping to write that dream as a novel, but it will have to wait until I know more and finish a few other things.

    It can be an animal that you just identify with, or like to a great degree. It's all up to you and your imagination really. Plus, it doesn't have to be set in stone. You could always change it up, or even have multiple fursonas. (It can work like that right? I'm sort of guessing because I have a friend with a few different fursonas.)

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    First, you have to decide on what kind of animal you identify with/like best.
    After that, you need to go on a quest to the far reaches of the internet. remember, it is the journey-not the destination-that matters the most.
    when you reach your home at the end of the pilgrimage, eat a cookie infused with chocolate chunks of goodness.

    and then you pick a fursona.

    well, for real, it's not something most people just say "that's it!" moreover, it's something that people kind of arrive at after a period of changing the markings around, tweaking the personality, etc.
    a lot of the time, the artists who you get reference sheets from can influence the final product.

    remember, you're not bound to have a specific type of creature (or even have one at all). just pick what you feel is best for you.
    (i actually know a guy who's sona is a tree. no joke.)

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    for myself, its just been who i am all my life. i guess it came from having mostly in common with horses, their traits and some features. they to me are the most perfect animals on the plant and even though i come no where close to them, they are a part of me, and will be apart of my life till i die.

    I know there are lots of ways people choose their fursona, but i would suggest going with what ever animal you have most in common with, whether it be your sleeping/eating habits, your hyperness level, and so on. but that would just be my suggestion.

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    It took me a whole 3 months to find some animal that i connect with and feel that could represent me. don't rush yourself you'll come up with one eventually!

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