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Thread: Hot Natured or Cold Natured

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    Question Hot Natured or Cold Natured

    Which do you consider yourself to be?

    Had the idea for this thread by reading the "Sweating, how to prevent it" thread in the Diaper Talk forum. Hot natured people tend to start sweating at a lower ambient temperature than cold natured. I remember a friend of mine years ago who would be sweating when it was only 60F degrees outside, and with no coat on. Working inside a hot power plant in the Summer, I could really see a difference between a hot natured person (coworker) and cold natured (myself). We'd be in a 120F degree environment marking up drawings. In no time at all after entering the plant the sweat was pouring off of him. So much so, he couldn't hold drawings in front of himself to mark up, due to sweat drops causing the ink to bleed out. On the other hand, even after 20 minutes or more working with him I'd bearly start to feel sticky.

    Now when it comes to cold, a hot natured person will feel more comfortable at a cooler temperature than a cold natured. The friend I mentioned at the outset was starting to sweat at 60F degrees with no coat. I was standing beside him with coat buttoned all the way up to feel comfortably warm.

    Guess it's the same way with plastic backed diaper wearers, some will sweat more, some less, depending on their nature.

    P.S. - Funny thing about me, I'm cold natured but love to get out in the cold in Winter. Suitably bundled up, of course.


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    *scratches his head* ... I guess I'm a cold-natured person by your definition?

    I'm used to the heat and in fact, I like it. I can walk into a warm/hot-temperate environment and feel at ease and not work up much of a sweat. But this is coming from a guy who wears jeans in the middle of Summer! The cold gets to me too much and cold weather gives me a bad cough.

    Then again, I live in a humid sub-tropical climate. It's either get used to the heat, or leave!

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    Lukie, you do sound more cold natured.

    When I worked in the office full time I could tell who was which. The air conditioning would have the office temp around 68 to 70 degrees F in the morning and you could feel cool air circulating over your head. The cold natured workers like myself would wear long sleeve shirts plus a sweater, even an extra jacket (I did that many times) because it was uncomfortably chilly in there. The hotter natured workers wore short sleeve shirts and felt nice and comfy in that temperature environment. Many times I wished my cubicle had a roof on it to hold in some of the heat from the computer and keep that chilly air from blowing across my head.


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    I'm not exactly sure what to answer, but I clicked "cold natured" for a few reasons:

    (1) My body temperature seems to be somewhat low compared to what is (supposedly) average. Maybe the thermometer isn't completely accurate, but I often find my temperature to be significantly below 36C, while Wikipedia says that 36.3 to 37.4 is normal (depending on time of day).

    (2) I don't really react to mildly cold or hot temperatures by feeling uncomfortable. When some people crank up the heating I can still sit around without, even in a t-shirt. And I've spent enough time living in hot and humid climate, and that didn't bother me much either.


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    I'd say hot natured. I'm not fond of the heat, and I love the cold, but I don't like being in the cold. I like the cold so I can snuggle and get warm.

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    I like mild cold rainy Ireland weather, god it was so beutifull there.

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    I'm not sure which to pick...I prefer the cold weather...Because I like wearing hoodies, and I hate the heat and humidity...I also work in the frozen food section, and I don't wear the heavy coats they have, I just wear a lighter one...And I don't wear the gloves that often too...

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    I'm cold all the time, but I love walking in the cold weather, I look like the kid from A Christmas Story, (Ralphies little brother), in the winter, most of the time.

    I love it when it's hot and humid, it seems to make me come alive, someday I will move to a warmer climate, I would not mind living where it warm all the time, if I never saw snow again, I wouldn't miss it.

    When I go someplace and it's colder than expected, people who know me, always ask for jackets or hoods, because they know I always have 2 or 3 items like that with me.
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    Footed P.J.


    I am very much hot-natured. I get hot VERY quickly, to the point where complete strangers will nag me to put a jacket on or even offer me their own (I am disabled, so I am a "Tiny Tim" in many people's eyes).

    My ideal weather is maybe 50 and foggy or misty.

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    I'm not sure how to answer. Maybe I'm a warm natured. I like taking hot showers and I like walking in the rain, especially during a storm.

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