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Thread: Gutsy move at school today

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    Default Gutsy move at school today

    This morning I was depressed so I decided to I was going to go to school diapered, I put together three depends adjustable underwear together with slits in the first two, there was a slight bulge. I drank ALOT of water before the bus. When I got to school I just walked around and such, by second hour I was a little wet. By the end of the day there was such a thick bundle between my legs I was waddling. And I had no problems with leaks or anyone seeing, that I know of. :P

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    heh, well at least you didnt have the embarrassment of wet pants at school. i know some are into that, but thats one thing im always embarrassed about when my diapers leak from over filling them.

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    Nice to hear it went well, letīs just hope nobody noticed ^^

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    If you actually did get caught, all I can say is you were practically asking for it :P

    Other than that, hope it went well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by teslacoil4148 View Post
    If you actually did get caught, all I can say is you were practically asking for it :P
    Wearing that many depend is probably asking for it. I wore panties once to school, it was fun until gym class came around (Don't know why I picked a gym day :p)

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    You might very well have been caught. Many people out there would likely not tell you if they noticed something. If you you were waddling then someone might have suspected somehting was up.

    Is this something that you regret? I know I frequently do stuff when I am depressed that I regret later, but I have yet to be so crazy as to wear 3 diapers to school.

    I hope you feel better and that you don't get any uncomfortable questions in the coming days.

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    I wouldn't regret it at all, the only awkward moment of the day was when I went to the bathroom to check my diapers and I took a little too long and came back to my lunch table to my friends giggling and making weird comments, I dis wear a sweatshirt that is a little too big for me so it covered my diaper bulge a little bit.

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