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    so i wasnt sure where to post this since it would be for both AB and DL a like. i was wondering who out there enjoys camping while being themselves or just being out in the great outdoors being themselves?

    I for one live up in the mountains year round, and they are real mountains, not like the ones i came across in Tn when i visited for 7 months, those were more foothills then anything else. but living up in the mountains, i do enjoy being in my diapers when family isnt around and just relaxing. its very comforting and i find myself relaxing from stress a little more. but even with a nice hot wood stove going, its kind of hard to be in padding during this time of year. its still cold but from time to time i like to be in my house with nothing on but my diapers. and yes, when i do go camping, which for me, camping is being at least 2 hours away from civilization, next to a creek or a river, i do like to take some padding with me, though i've only been able to do that twice so far, and only an over nighter.

    how about yourselves?

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    I love camping. I used to camp in a 4-man dome tent. I had everything I needed for roughing it. Tent, insulated sleeping bag, 2-burner propane stove, cooking utensils, flatware, lanterns. I had a lot of the gadgetry that some use too like: folding toothbrush, waterproof match container, magnesium striking rod for making fires, compass and lots of stuff I don't care to go into listing.

    However, I retired the tent years ago when I got my 30' bumper pulled travel trailer. I can now have ALL the comforts of home when traveling. Kitchen with: table & chairs, a microwave, a propane powered stove/oven, freezer/refrigerator, double tub sink, hot water heater. A living room with fold down couch cabinets and a TV. Central AC/heat. Bathroom with: medicine cabinet, sink, toilet and a shower. A bedroom with: queen sized bed and shelf for another TV. I have a 24' awning that is great for sheltering from rain or hot summer sun. Exterior storage compartments and an exterior shower & lighting.

    I love to pack it up and haul off for a week or more. I put my mountain bike in there whenever I visit a state park with trails. I love sitting on the couch after a hot shower, watching TV in the evening after playing all day. The only down side to having something like this is the gas required to pull it anywhere. When the fresh water holding tank is topped off and it is fully stocked it will be about 6,000 Lbs. I know it isn't as glamorous as say,,,a 5th wheel trailer that can often weigh in at well over twice the weight of my trailer. But at 30', anything bigger and you run into problems getting accessing smaller parks and tight places. I keep it stored in a barn during the winter months to keep all the rain snow and ice off of it.

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    I love camping also. Or anything outdoorsy. And the kids seem to enjoy it too so that's a bonus. Generally I leave the padding at home or do it very discreetly, as usually a friend or two and their families also come. Regrettably, did not get the chance to do it this summer due to lack of funds
    Camping usually turns out to be an adventure for us, as I try to rough it as much as possible, and I get so fervent about camping that I usually wind up doing something dumb, lol. But I always have a great time, and have a good story when we get home.

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    Camping is the best. Nothing like connecting with nature and wearing your diapers.
    No matter what the season it helps your spirit in this artificial world.

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