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Thread: i might not be on for a while...

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    Default i might not be on for a while...

    i might not be on for a while(maybe a couple weeks) cause our internet is fully used up(i downloaded the full 40gb) so i might not be able to connect properly for a while.
    just wanted to let you gouys know incase i cant reply to anything

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    What's he's saying is, Australian internet still has caps and limits on how much you can use per month. When you exceed that limit, your speed gets cuts down dramatically or they start charging (a ridiculous amount!) per MB you go over. I went over mine (well, my bloody brother did) and I'm currently running on 64k speed. >_<

    Ruddkips needs to pull his finger out and fix the internet in this country.

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    You'Ve sucked the internet dry? Oh dear!

    I'm glad the internet here has free refills, so I guess the difference between ISPs in Germany and Australia is like this:


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    Sorry to hear that Mazza. This gives me one reason to be glad I don't live in Australia. I think it is a beautiful country though.

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