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Thread: Hiya!

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    Red face Hiya!

    Just wanting to introduce myself! I am Matty, from north QLD Australia, and I am an AB, through at through. I love my big brother Dr Zeek very much, and have a new addition called Eli, who is a little husky furbaby. I love gaming, Dr Who, anime, Dr Who, reading sci fi and hi fantasty, Dr who, and I also love the tv series... oh whats it called... oh yeah, Dr who.
    I am on here to talk to some new people, start getting out and socialising. Look forward to chatting to more and giving this babies opinion :P
    Stay padded and love!

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    hey there, welcome to the site. i myself am still new but wanted to welcome a few as well.

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    Greetings fellow Aussie! Townsville, yikes, it's too hot to be an AB in Townsville. :P

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    yeah, its horridly hot, and its so hard to be ab :P
    Actually i dont care, it just gives me more of a reason to strut around in a diaper and a tee :P :P
    The only really bad downside is the storms (such as the one going on right now) They are scary for lil boys D:

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    Aww, I love a big thunder storm, have since i was really lil.

    But this is true, nappy + tee = win. I just bought a super cute tshirt and can't wait to rock the outfit.

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    Its funny, at times i love them. In a dark house with noone around, scary as hell.
    I love my kiddy Tees, have you ever heard of a brand called ginch gonch?

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    No I haven't, but I have now, they are only selling undies at the moment though :/

    Threadless can have some nice tees. But you have to be on there a lot because the best designs are always gone real quick. eg "Know Your Dinosaurs" - - Best t-shirts in the world

    Anyway this is what I'm currently waiting for: Cosy n Dry - Jungle Print T-shirt - Adult Baby Clothing, Adult Babywear, Ageplay Products and Much More

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    Well well well well well .... I cant not put a post up to my most favourite little brother in the whole wide world Nice to see that you FINALLY caved in and joined up and by the looks of it you havent taken very long to start posting around anyways, just thought i would pop on and say hi give hugz and say that both Eli and I miss you lots and lots

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    Greetings fellow Whovian! I see you are already an EC, good job!


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