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Thread: future goodnites will be wat different

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    Default future goodnites will be wat different

    Just read on wiki article le that:
    Future Changes:
    Beginning in 2013, Goodnites will phase out their pull-up style brief in favor of a brief more like Depends with 4 tabs.

    I may like that. What about you guys?

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    Wow really?

    That sounds intrestng, since from what I understand Goodnights are meant to feel as close to underwear so the kids who need them don't feel to much like there wearing a diapee

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    Quote Originally Posted by UncreativePseudonym View Post
    Yeah, this doesn't sound too likely to me. I call shenanigans.
    I agree. This wouldn't be the first time that someone has taken a little artistic license with a padding-related page on Wikipedia. I would view this with the utmost skepticism until it's validated by Kimberly Clark. My money is that this will be called out and removed from the article within a few weeks.

    Sorry, but it flies right in the face of what the company is trying to create: a plain, non-stigmatized form of protection for bed-wetters. The AB/DL community wouldn't mind such an alteration. However, a majority of those suffering from bed-wetting at that age would definitely have a problem with it.

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    Yeahhhhh.... Don't think so. Though stranger things have happened.

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    I don't really care for the idea, I wear them all the time, Dont know how well they would take to pulling up and down a few times a day while at work, or whatever the case may be...

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    I could see the bringing in a real size small in the Depends line. But a tape on diaper under the Goodnites name would not make sense. I have heard that the bedmats will be availible in N America though.

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    Personally I'd prefer these, but I don't think it'll happen with the goodnites brand. I could see why it'd make sense though with the constant complaints over GN's leaking. However, like onecho said, too many non-abdl's would have issues with this converting towards a 'diaper' style instead of a 'pull-up' style. It totally contradicts the initial GN goal.

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    I guess they could try and "Udjustable Underwear" style, however unlikely. I don't think they would do something so drastic as a complete re-design of an established product, maybe some changes and tweaks here and there like they have over the last decade, but not a complete change. Maybe they are going to introduce a new product all together though? Meh! This is all conjecture and meaningless!

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    I agree I don't see them going tape style diaper way in the near future but I do know if they did it would upset a lot of parents who buy this for their kids because there like underwear.

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