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Thread: Lottery scratchin' fool!

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    Default Lottery scratchin' fool!

    Anyone like playin' them scratch-offs? Well, how'd you do?

    The best I ever did was winning $60 on a $10 ticket. So, I'm only down about $300 over the last 10 years.

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    Haha....this is why I don't play them. I have anti-luck. As soon as I buy a lottery ticket, a black cloud appears and follows me around until someone else actually wins.

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    Every now and then I still try my luck at a scratch-off lottery ticket, but I usually go for the high-dollar tickets like Power-Ball, or Mega-Millions. I've never really had any luck with any kind of lottery ticket.

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    from time to time I will buy those $2 bingo cards. They are decent boredom breakers. I've never won anything. I've probably played about $20 worth anyhow, so no big losses here.

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    Best was $200 off a five dollar scratcher.

    Here's the kicker though, I only bought it because I found a five dollar bill in the parking lot, wouldn't have got it otherwise...

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    i won 2000 on a 2 dollar ticket before

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    I am very un lucky and the most I have ever won was $10 on a $5

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    i get lucky sometimes, nothing big. most i have won was 27 bucks on a 5 dollar scratch winnings so far are about 1/12, so i dont win very often. but i get highly addicted to some of them. I use to buy 2 $1 lotto tickets a week for the powerball...i won twice, nothing big, like a few bucks, but yeah, ive wasted so much money on those things, its not funny. It gave me a lot of dreams and hopes...but it crushed them twice as hard.

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    Lol, I've never bought a ticket yet... it's so hard to win -,.-

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