YEA 100 posts

Hi all so for my 100th post I figured I should reintroduce myself, tell you more about myself.

I'm 23 years of age.
I'm into Blacksmithing, hence the name, though I haven't done that in over a year. I'm also into just about any thing mecanical and just got accepted into the diesel program at the local tech collage.
I enjoy alot of christian music and one of my favorite artists is Steve Bell.
I really enjoy the Cronicles of Narnia series.
This summer my family grew sweet corn and sold it at farmers markets, that was alot of fun, we have been doing this for about 9 years and have done quite well at it.
For work I'm now back at the pork prossessing plant on the kill floor, it is a tiring but enjoyable job, I sleep well at night .
This last fri I went deer hunting and shot my first deer, a buck that had 1inch antlers.
sorry if this read like a list.
I also like to frequent adisc chat.