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    Seriously, my makeshifts I used to make were better than these things.

    Basically, I had the urge to buy some diapers, but I wanted to move up from the pull-up style to briefs. I wanted to get some CVS brand, but there were some really cute women in there, and I figured it would be awkward and embarrassing for me to have to get them, especially since I kind of flirted with one of them.

    Anyways, I went off to another random pharmacy in town, and in there were just a few selections of diapers, ranging from Prevail to Depends to the store brand. Of course, the name Tena has a relatively good reputation online, so I figured buying a small pack would be okay. I think it cost about $7 for a 12-pack. I thought it was a pretty good deal.

    Well, it wasn't. They look extremely thin, and my concerns were verified when I wet the thing for the first time. If you're going to buy these and use them, do NOT lay down, or even sit down, on ANYTHING. They will leak. Not profusely, but several small ones all over the place.

    After wetting one twice and seeing even more leaks, I doubled up for two reasons: 1, I though the capacity would be better, which it technically was, but not to the extent I thought, and 2, I knew I had to use these up, because I want to get rid of them. Badly.

    Doubling up wasn't all that bad, but the two can only take so much, especially since 90% of the damn material is at the crotch area. I went another 2 or three times after doubling up, and I knew I was seriously pushing it.

    In all honesty, the Rite Aid Underwear for Men pull-ups were exceedingly better than these atrocities. Never buy these.

    Specifically, I think the name is Tena Super or Tena Ultra Briefs.

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    The best diaper out is Tena Slip Maxi but is not available in the US market.
    Cost is high to import as an individual.

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    Tena slip maxi is the best one, the super diaper is new bit id thats the one you say u saw then I must say thats a big dissappointment. But its to be expected because I learned a business secrer in my last college that products from other countries sell cheaper, lower quality versions of their product to the US. Notice that u dont sew abena or molicare in pharmacies or stores because they are too expensive for the pharmacy to sell at the store and keep inventory of, but then u see terrible quality items from reputable brands like tena and attends in stores. Even veimported to the US are practically biproducts of the real things.

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    I had the same experience, everyone talks about how great tena is. I bought some pull-ups, and they fell apart . Bought another pack figuring it must be a fluke. It wasn't.

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